These speakers look exactly like Sonus Faber Amati Homage

They look exactly like the Sonus Faber Amati Homage speakers.
Heard these speakers the other day. They need to be pushed hard to sound good, but they are very nice indeed when you do push them.
The ceramic drivers give a nice airy top-end and the midrange is articulate.
The only slight problem that I heard was a discontinuity between the bottom end and the rest of the spectrum. Could have been room related. A very good speaker though, and well worth hearing if you have a chance.
What about this 'Electa Amator' - can this really be legal???
I'd say the "Amati" looks more like the Meadowlark from the front, but that "Electa Amator" sure looks like copyright infringement to me. I'm sure Sonus Faber will pursue this.
It's only a matter of time before the Global Village concept
shows it's alter-ego dark side. Hey, Mainland China squashes their own dissenters like bugs, & still gets the Olympics! Can anyone even be surprised if an audio design is plagarized?
Sorry, Id better go listen to music or watch my tape of last nights Stargate SG1.... I'll calm down & get off my soapbox now..
They don't look like the Amati Homage at all.A Wilson-Benesch-type curve on the cabinet,and Thiel type front baffle(here it is time-aligned)are what comes to mind.The design is refreshing,with an overall aerodynamic look,with sweeping curves. The bulk of the design work was performed by Dr. Joseph D'Appolito for Usher Audio of Taiwan. That's a company who has been building high-end audio for over 30years.(way before Sonus Faber).I own a pair of AC-10's and they are superb. I was blown-away at C.E.S.(2001) where they premiered.They use world-class Thiel/Ceratec ceramic drivers for midrange/and tweeter.They play fine at all levels,and require a quick(fast)quality solid state amp to drive them adequately.Great soundstaging,highly-articulate,etc. For $8K retail a pair they are a steal and would compare them to anything,including the Amati Homage which sells for nearly triple!These are an original design and bare merit from the Audiophile community if they ever get a chance to audition them.