These seem a bit pricey $$$

Saw Steve Guttenberg’s review of the Credo 900’s the other day. I realize there is a lot more involved in the cost of a speaker than parts costs - labor, insurance shipping, dealer margins. OK, that’s called business. But 12K for these?
Just seems a bit out of line.
No, I never heard them.  Maybe they're worth it.
What a Shi$$y video, we don't want to hear this douche talk, show is the rip off speakers!
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There are many well regarded inexpensive speakers that sell well from Paradigm, Elac, Klipsch, Wharfedale, etc., so the argument that pricing defines quality is ridiculous. 
One should expect more quality and/or quantity of physical product and/or sound when paying more but of course price alone determines only how much you pay.