Theres a firesale of the Modwrights oppo 105 units

Oddly, there are currently (as I type this) 5 modwright oppo 105 units for sale to just one stock oppo 105. Seems odd as there has to be a ton more stock 105 units to the modwright 105's that have been produced.

I have a oppo 103d and have looked at getting another unit thats been modded but that brings in red flags on all the modwrights being dumped like meeting a women thats been divorced 5 times!

Are these modwrights overpriced units? Something wrong with bringing in the tubes???

I never see other modded oppos for sale like an evs or others which tells me the owners like them.

I know its hard to decide which mod to put in your oppo as you cannot demo them first so you can ONLY go by reviews and comments.

Question...which mod do you take you chance on with your stock oppo player?
For what it is worth, I don't have a Modwright Modded Oppo but I do have the Modwright Elyse DAC - it is outstanding IMHO - point being not sure I'd be worried about Dan's work
Just an odd (and unfortunate) coincidence. My Modwright Oppo is outstanding, I'm very happy with it. Only selling to simplify the usability of my system (wife complains it's too hard just to watch TV).
It's not odd in that stock 105s sell very quickly when listed. I sold one a while back so I could get a 105D and was buried in inquires. Also, the much more expensive modded 105s would naturally have a smaller market.
There is so much changing in dacs these days at dazzling speed. I would argue that no class of products is more subject to depreciation than "latest, greatest" digital > $2500. Similar threads abound "Why so many X for sale".
FWIW, I saw more Modwright gear at Cap Audio Fest than I've seen at other larger shows, leading my to conclude that at least a handful of industry insiders have a positive opinion of Modwright. Cheers
I am familiar with the sound of various ModWright modified Oppos and they are "very" good. It could certainty be the case that these owners are moving towards buying the ModWright Elyse DAC.
That still brings in an important question.

There is no other modded oppos that come up for sale as there are many companies that mod these players. These people are keeping them.

I refresh the oppo page a couple times a day and have a good grasp on whats been selling and dont see a high amount of stock 105 units that even come up.

In fairness to modwright these may be great units, but in my position this brings to many red flags and I can't pursue one of these things. Human nature is to want what we cant have and not have whats being dumped like hot cakes.

Only if there was a way to try several of the oppo 105 players thats been modded by several different companies but this is what makes buying modded players so difficult.

One thing I learned in audio as I have bought and sold so much here on Audiogon is that we sell something cause we found something better or not happy with its performance.
Freeman you are not a OPPO fan that's for sure. So why the posts? Buy some other brand then? I don't get what your trying to accomplish by being negative about OPPO. What use is the modded Oppo question? Most people that buy these Oppo players don't even mod them. The ones that do mod them can afford to buy any player they want. It dosent surprise me that these same people can afford to upgrade to whatever they want to. SO the real question is Why are you not buying one of these awesome modded players for $2500 used, is a mystery to me. And all you like to do is put down the 105 player cause you don't have one (I guess).
The 105 has been around for a while now, so I would not be surprised if Oppo released a new model this Christmas or early in the new year. I'd say you're just seeing those in the know moving their units on before a new model drops. As for the large amount of Modwright Oppo's, i'd say that is in direct proportion to how many 105's go through Dan's workshop..
Freemand, aside from the Elyse Dac I also have Modwright's LS100 pre and KWA100SE power amp - bought all three w/o demo and have been very pleased with the sound and quality of each unit. To each his own but red flags, think not
Facten, I dont doubt the performance of the modwright but my position is that there are other companies that mod oppo players and for much less. I know in audio more expensive does not equal better performance but would not be surprised if I liked the sound of a modwright player more then other companies modded oppos. Who to have mod my next oppo player is my big mystery in life! They had a tv show on MTV called "Trick my ride" or shall we say "Trick my oppo"! I need to go to audio asylum and chat with the oppo diehards that have modded them.

Hi Mattmiller, glad we meet again on the oppo talk. Are you crazy, I love oppo and love the performance of the 103d going to my NAD M51 dac. Prior to that the oppo 980 was the best player I ever owned and had some nice arcams and such. Where have I ever talked negative about oppo? Now, the modded ones are about the modder and not the oppo player.
I have a Modwright Sony SCD XA5400 SACD player.
It sounds outstanding! -
The only player that I heard that I liked more
was the previous DCS Stack that I heard about 8-10
years ago and cost about $80,000!
I have all the upgrades except for the Bybee Rail.
Plus I have the Kimber KS1030 interconnects and Less Loss
power cords. Sophia 6SN7s and Mullard NOS 5AR4 tubes.
Dan told me the Oppo and the Sony sound very close with the
exception that Oppo had a slightly larger soundstage.
I have no plans to change to another player This player
has a very analog sound and I am very satisfied.
I don't think Matt is saying that you're bashing Oppo players, but you make it clear that you don't feel comfortable about buying one for your own reasons, so what is there to discuss? You have already made your decision about their mod apparently.

So, what you are saying then is that you are cheap-shooting Dan of Modwright? You are a cheap-shot artist? You have a flimsy scenario that character assinates by cheap-shot innuendo. What does that say about you? What is your agenda?
I have talked to 2 other guys that do mod's on the Oppo and the only person I would trust is Dan. I know the mod is a little bit expensive but he does it right. There are 5 players that are currently for sale on here so now would be a good time to buy one. You should be able to negotiate a good price because there are so many available for sale.
People who buy Modwright Oppos are the same people who turn over their equipment more frequently than regular Oppo customers.
Hey guys I just spoke to Dan Wright n ordered the oppo 105D
with most upgrades, List $4600--its about two channel--tubes n great sound. Dan is a fine Gent and knows what he is doing.
---Do You--
4K blueray players are bound to be out soon, perhaps this Christmas, so this is probably the best time to unload a 105 before the next models come out and the value plummets.
Freemand, my comments to you were based upon your "intimating" that just becuase there are 5 Modwright Opps for sale that there is a concern about Modwright " red flags" versus who you want to a modded unit from. I was giving you my experiences with Modwright equipment to give you some perspective; obviously it is your money to spend and choice to make so just go make one. Good luck
Lloydc, I would say you got it right.
I have to say theres a lot of love for the modwright with no complaints which leads me to believe they may be well loved players. Thats the reason I started this thread to get a vibe on this particular mod and if people love or dislike it.

Lloyde may be onto something about the 4k technology which I did not think about. I figured we where years away from its release but thats just an assumption.

Henrycia, why did you not buy a used oppo 105 player with it being a buyers marked?

Mikirob, sounds like your being a cheap shot artist!
Freedman if you're thinking of getting a modded Oppo I would seriously consider one of those used Modwrights. With that many available you are in a good position to negotiate a good deal. Believe me, the Modwright OPPOs are superb units but as noted, guys that would own a Modwright are more likely to upgrade than stock OPPO folks, I wouldn't read too much into it as there is absolutely nothing wrong with Dan's modded players. Ask the OPPO folks what THEY think of Modwright modifications. Some of the comments above are idle speculation with little bearing on reality or experience. I speak from the latter.
Freemand, I must admit when it comes 2 my audio equipment n most things I do like New, so there will be no doubt about anything period. I do think used equipment is a great buy n see nothing wrong with buying it, but for me I would have 2 know the seller or at least see the unit in person...........

I also enjoy knowing I can talk 2 the maker of any unit I buy before n after, like Dan Wright or Nelson Pass etc.. These are some of the people that our high end audio........

My system right now (still in boxes till I move) Passlabs Preamp n class A power amp plus Anthony Gallo speakers 2 start, not sure what size room I will have till I move, so speakers our going 2 change. I also have the Marantz SA-KI Pearl SA/CD Player. I have also owned Modwright LS100 Preamp n it sounded great with my Martin Logan Theos speakers n KimberKable, I wasn't 2 crazy about the looks but its the sound that counts.
Melbguy1 and Lloydc probably have it right on this one.
I own a ModWright/Oppo 105 and have nothing but praise for how it sounds and for the folks at ModWright. The one issue I had turned out to be an Oppo (not ModWright) problem requiring a new front panel (the original panel's touch-buttons would not respond to touch although the remote still functioned). ModWright handled the whole thing -- they apparently have a great working relationship with Oppo -- and I couldn't be more pleased with their service.
Is there a new Oppo 4K/HDR unit on the horizon?
Tubegroover, I may need to look at this modwright mod as a possibility as I cant ignore all the love. I have been impressed with what I heard about EVS also and Ric seems like a decent guy to work with.

It would be fun to get some agonners together with the oppo players modded by different companys to have an audio shootout which is the part of audio I enjoy.

The guys talking about 4k players maybe correct. I did some more heavy digging on the oppo players and I found something interesting. One post had a guy who emailed oppo to find out when a 4k player is due out. Oppo responded back to him and wrote that one should be out late 2016 or early 2017. So about a year to year and half. I am not sure if I would sell a current player yet but who knows.

Henrycai, I understand what your saying as I am quite anal most of what I buy, but my thriftiness sometimes wins out. $2000 plus dollars is a nice savings!

I bought an Oppo 105D with the ModWright modifications.  Got it used for $1,800, right here on Audiogon.  It sounds far better than any other CD player I have ever had... or heard in an audio showroom.  Not the same detail or soundstage as my RP10, but then again, I don't have to get up every 18 minutes to change sides, either.  No regrets here.