There's no accounting for taste....

Sean has been outdone!
All I can say is WOW! I wonder if this might give Albert Porter some ideas? Looks like I'll have to go to Italy to hear it. I wouldn't mind that ;-)
Yeah, but it won't fit in a lowrider.
I saw this a few years ago- and its still amazing! I wonder if it actually sounds good?
old news. I am sure it rocks.
subterranean sub?
WOW. It sort of reminds me of the book, MASH when guys in the shower would walk up to the Dentist and complement him.
Amazing. I've not seen it before. How in the world can bass like that not overwhelm the rest of the music? Wow!
It's an oversize Bose wave radio. With a little peak @ 4hz.
How can you top such excess? Now all we need is to upgrade our ears!
I understand it registered a 7 on the Richter scale.
A new dream...

I love the decadence of it...

interesting to run them with SETs and no negative feedback


Yes-siree-Bob...the John Holmes brand of audio. Coming to a store near you.
(Say, didn't Roman civilization collapse due to such excesses?)
At first I thought it was the unearthing of Saddam's spider hole...
Saddam's spider hole had different room nodals.