There's always time for a little Jimi...

I just like watching Jimi talk to the crowd. Strange, how the audience is so quiet. Also get a kick out of watching the last minute tune ups, and Jimi fussing with the Marshalls. What's the deal with Mitch's cymbal stand?The Experience were off a little in spots, but they haven't been playing for 6 weeks!
Cool set list.

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The deal with Mitch's cymbal stand (the old Ludwig model 1400) was that whomever set up his kit raised the height of the ride cymbal stand far too high, placing that ride cymbal at the height of a crash cymbal. Mitch was merely lowering it to it's correct height. He set up his cymbals in the classic Buddy Rich style: a lower ride cymbal, with two higher crash cymbals, one over his hi-hat, the other over the ride.

By the way, in this performance Mitch is playing his new set of "Black Panther" finish Ludwigs, with two bass drums and over-sized toms (including a 14 x 10 mounted tom and 18 x 16 floor tom). When I saw The Experience in '67 and '68, he was playing a set of Silver Sparkle Ludwigs, one bass drum and two traditional-sized (13 x 9 and 16 x 16) toms.