There's always time for a little Jimi...

I just like watching Jimi talk to the crowd. Strange, how the audience is so quiet. Also get a kick out of watching the last minute tune ups, and Jimi fussing with the Marshalls. What's the deal with Mitch's cymbal stand?The Experience were off a little in spots, but they haven't been playing for 6 weeks!
Cool set list.

The deal with Mitch's cymbal stand (the old Ludwig model 1400) was that whomever set up his kit raised the height of the ride cymbal stand far too high, placing that ride cymbal at the height of a crash cymbal. Mitch was merely lowering it to it's correct height. He set up his cymbals in the classic Buddy Rich style: a lower ride cymbal, with two higher crash cymbals, one over his hi-hat, the other over the ride.

By the way, in this performance Mitch is playing his new set of "Black Panther" finish Ludwigs, with two bass drums and over-sized toms (including a 14 x 10 mounted tom and 18 x 16 floor tom). When I saw The Experience in '67 and '68, he was playing a set of Silver Sparkle Ludwigs, one bass drum and two traditional-sized (13 x 9 and 16 x 16) toms.  

Mitch sat in with my band in a Honolulu club in 1969 and was so immediately funky he burned the place up. Amazing, and our band got orchestra pit seating to watch the Experience a couple of nights...I'd already seen them in '67 (CA) and '68 (Hawaii) but from up close...whew...I met and hung out with Jimi a little (got his non working cassette player working somehow for which he was grateful...he said he had the receipt just in case) as he was vacationing from the road for a week or so. What an interesting character and really nice guy. He had a Gibson SG Custom and a Princeton Reverb for home noodling.
bdp24- I remember admiring the sparkle Ludwigs at the music store I took guitar lessons.
My older brother saw Jimi at Devonshire Downs. Being only 7, I was rockin the Chipmunks, and being confused by the weird sounds of the records he played-what was that Beatles thing?

Wolf- great Jimi encounter. Close enough to meeting a Classical master.I think Jimi was a "master" just a different period, and electrified.
I'm always fascinated watching Jimi.

Jimi had some advantages over other mere mortal guitar players, technique from soul music developed with long fingers playing all over the "chitlin'" circuit providing chops no white guy seemed to know about, utilized with an effortlessness coming from endless hours of practice and an obsession with the music around him at the time...the endless benefits of a curious mind. 
I saw a video where a guitarist analyzed Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He stated the obvious that SRV was faster, more precise and cleaner than Jimi. But then he said any competent guitarist could figure out and understand what SRV was playing, whereas, you could spend years trying to understand what Jimi would play.   Jimi’s real advantage over nearly all other guitar players is that they played notes, while Jimi made sounds, very musical sounds.
Thanks tablejockey. I really enjoyed watching that show. It was great to see Jimi performing and it's always a thrill to see Mitch playing as he's my all time fave drummer. I was always so glad that thy came together because Jimi deserved no less, and Mitch added so much to the music.  
If there are some videos of Jimi with the Isley Brothers or Little Richard, or Ike Turner, please post!

I've only come across stills with music.

I can only imagine how he was itchin to crank the Fender, during the early years.