There's a sucker born every minute

Latest marketing hype for a new (name witheld to protect the guilty) HTIB product.

The XXXX Home Theater System boasts the tinniest high-end speakers in the world! The M6 speaker is housed in 100% zinc-alloy (not plastic); giving it the needed weight to handle high volumes with clarity and depth eliminating any noticeable distortion. The egg-shape of the speaker provides the perfect environment for sound to resonate and bounce out to the room rather than having sound waves get lost in the corners as they do in box shaped speakers.

Wouldn't want those sound waves to get lost, now would you. 'course you could get them their own GPS to find their way out. And is that tiniest or tinniest? LOL.
They are studying at the school of marketing by BoseĀ®.
Perhaps they alloy the zinc with tin! 8^)
Sounds like Gallo wannabes. I've noticed over the years that high-end trends filter into the very cheapest stuff.
For example, a "tube" radio I saw at CIrcuit City for $25.oo. The tubes were plastic cylinders with little screen cylinders inside. At the bottom of each was ayellow LED. The transformer box held a tiny little speaker. I had to laugh. It was so cute, I almost bought one!
i swear the marketing big wigs gotta be laughin their asses off when they sit around dreamin this s#!t up beacuse they know that all the seudo teck talk will draw em in like a hungry bass.

That reminds me of another one - "Brand B" room correction system demo. There are 2 boxes mounted on a wall with little cube speakers inside. One is plexiglass, the other is covered in burlap. The demo starts out with the plexi box harsh and screechy, and the burlap box seriously muffled. They apply the "correction" and the 2 sound identical(!). The burlap box, though, is just another plexi box with a layer of burlap, which has no acoustic effect whatsoever. The demo is all pre-recorded, and FAKE!
Swampwalker, that's the same thing they say about us! Who's really wrong in this equation?
I GOTS'TA GIT ME ONE OF THOSE!!!! I always wondered where all that sound was going! It's been stuck in those damn corners, all along, with no place to resonate or bounce out. Probably causing unsightly stains that'll never come out. Those nasty sound waves are just hanging out in those corners, like some malodorous spectre, stinking up the corners of the speakers and my room with that rancid stench! Why it's so simple! Why didn't anyone else think of that! 100% zinc alloy no less! Alloy? That means the zinc is mixed with base metals, right? But it's 100% zinc alloy...100%!!! Damn things must be spendy! But money should not stand in the way of setting free those imprisoned sound waves that are wreaking havoc in corners all over America. Liberate the waves! Spring for the zinc alloy and let the waves resonate freely that they may go forth and multiply! Nowhere else but America could have come up with such a brilliant solution to the involuntary servitude of the resonating waves. OK, so the things are probably made in China from drivers assembled in Mexico. But only an American could have come up with an idea like that, to offer up so adroitly to our intelligent compatriots under the Stars'N' know, the ones who keep Wonder Bread in business and put to use that healthy crop of polyester from Thailand and Indonesia...and who else could you find to eat all that iceberg lettuce anyway? Yep, it all happens right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. I feel some tears welling up and my lips a tremblin'. Y'all will have to excuse me now while I go air out the oats.

Ya got a point there, Nrchy. Cryogenically treated alarm clocks, indeed!!!
I'm starting a European 'free-the-cornered-soundwaves' platform righ now. Can someone please give me the adress of the 100% zinc-alloy freedom fighters? I want to import them, that is, if US govenment allows such high-tech to be imported to less developed countries as mine.
Seriously: I wish I could write bulls##t like that and get paid for it. Than I could buy some real equipment and laugh at all the suckers who'd buy this crap. Oh well, should've gotten a real job.....
I agree with Nrchy, most hi end oriented copy sounds just as ridiculous.
I believe that is "the tiniest" rather than "tinniest".

More impressively - "The M6 501R II has 5 x 30Wrms satellites and a 50Wrms subwoofer. Don't be fooled though, including the center bass drive, this is a combined power output of 230W! The M8 601 has 6 x 100Wrms satellite speakers and a 100Wrms subwoofer, which equates to a combined power output of a whopping 700Wrms."

A WHOPPING 700Wrms. Wow. sign me up.
People who live in glass houses...

Where can you buy this and how much is it??!!!!

Best regards,
Seven Second Sucker
Sorry wrong room...

Thought we were here to talk about Hi-fi,Hi-end suckers...sorry again
And his name is RX8Man, just kidding Pat do you want to buy a bridge??

Happy Listening.
Suck, suck, suck, (I hear the mud guppies suckin up)
I'll buy a rope bridge Pete, if you cross it first !
You'll see me standing on the other end with a propane torch !!
HAAA !!!!
Marco, you had me laughing so hard i better go check my drawers
Chris - don't worry, at least those stains will come out in the wash! Happy T-day dude!

You don't understand. Substitute a few words and the meaning is crystal-clear.

"The egg-shape of the AD-PERSON head provides the perfect environment for INSANITY to resonate and bounce out to the room rather than having BRAIN waves get lost in the VACCUM as they do in AD-XPERT shaped skulls".

See, told you ... LOL
There is no marketing big wig in the audio manufacturing world. The big wigs work elsewhere. It's the small time marketers with a non related degree who make this s%$t up.

Anyway, I'm going back to the room to try my new interconnect with DBS on my world renowned wave radio/cd and see what happens. I was told by the ad that it'll do magic. My friend from Circuit City seems to agree...