There is only one Ray Charles...

I stumbled across some new (to me) Ray Charles offerings including a podcast sereies about his life you can find and subscribe to via iTunes. The 15 episode series is currently being released twice monthly. The subscription is FREE.

Some of the 'new' releases and reissues I’ve noticed so far are:
"Ray Sings, Basie Swings" a remix of Ray + Basie, also in SACD
‘Modern Sounds in Country & Western 2 disc’

Everything else I’m seeing now are merely re-compilations of his Atlantic years via Atlantics CD arm, Rhino records.

Apart from “Genius Loves Company”, are there any well recorded Ray CDs out there? Naturally, any would have to be remixes or re-edits, or anyone know of any DVDs or post 70s recordings other than “A Message From the People”?

I did see an Itunes “In Concert” benefit concert for Miami’s Lighthouse for the Blind he did with Diana Schur, but can’t find it on disc… DVD or CD online.

Any thoughts as to good Ray recordings, or just your fav Ray Cds?

I have what you already have. I'd suggest Maceo Parker "Roots & Grooves" for another excellent big band rendition of Ray Charles classics with excellent arrangements and superb percussion on the part of Dennis Chambers. Sound quality is absolutely superb. (it is a tribute concert to Ray Charles)
Ray Charles and Betty Carter I have a superb early release on Lp and have heard a DCC re-issue cd that is also superb.
Fabulous music with sonics to match.

Well worth the time and effort finding this DCC re-issue.
If you don't have "O-Genio Ray Charles Live in Brazil" I recommend this DVD.

M Parker... Roots and Grooves. Super. THX!

Vas is los "DCC" ?? ...a title would help plese.

Check. THX
Blindjim, DCC was an American record label that put out re-issue's on vinyl and gold cd's, inevitably they went bankrupt in early 2000's.

There are copies available do a search for this fine music here on Audiogon, E-Bay including other music sources.
Ray Charles and Betty Carter DCC record lable.

Cool. THX