...there is an interesting record:

...performed by Laurie Anderson that was never transfered on CD since it doesn't have lead-in groove. You cannot actually play this record from the very beginning no-matter how good you will aim.
I've never seen it neither on ebay nor on any vinyl website.

Also I have a CD of Henry Kaiser and Sergey Kuriokhin where they strongly suggest playing tracks randomly every time you want to listen so you will hear the music different.
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I tend to agree with the random play idea; with some exceptions for "concept" albums, altho even then it may be a good idea periodically.
Didn't Ms. Anderson's Significant Other, Lou Reed, make a record (Metal Machine Music?) with an infinite loop at the end? What an interesting pair!
Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed are a couple ???

So what happens if you set the stylus down at the very outer edge ??? Sean
Sean, first you find and than you try getting the very outer edge and even if you're so precise how will you know that this is it? LA and LR not neccessary have to be a couple to create a great album.
For the record, yes, Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed are in fact one of downtown New York's hippest couples. You must be from somewhere else.
i really like metal machine music. :)

and, the new 'super furry animals' album, 'rings around the world' has a cool feature: side 3 plays from the inside out! and, one of the singles from the album, i forgot which, plays forward from the outside, then backwards from the inside, going on forever.