There is a Santa

Today was a dood day. I recieved some good news the power I ordered(TG AUDIO SLVR) is ready and will ship tommorow. Has luck would have it the dealer for the PC also carries Plinius and brand that I haven't had much luck in finding Canadian dealers. I would like to think I got a good deal for my PC and so he promised to look into the 9200 for me.My fingers are crossed.

Glad to see yer having such a dood day! ;)
Good luck. It pays to be good ;-) He's keeping a list and checking it twice ...
it's the dood! dood!
Doood, Suhwheeet!!

Thanks for the comments I got my tracking number and so next week I'll have it. It's been a whole 2 months that I haven't bought something I'm so excited. I can see me buying something for my birthday maybe a Sistrum SP-1.

What's all this talk about doody?
It's my Doody to please that Booty! Shaft
Him: "Dude, it's really cool of you to bring your daughter to the concert"
Me: "She's not my daughter"
Him: "Dooooood!"