There is a buzz in my ears

Hello new here just getting back into vinyl.  And I recently picked up a few Kenwood components.
KM-207 -Power  amp
KT-87 -Tuner
KC-207 -Control amp.
RC-70-IR remote control
Fluance -RT83 .. delivering this week..woohoo!!
Question I have is ....Whenever I use the remote whether it be for volume , station select, source etc..
it creates a buzz like a radio station is not coming in clear.. out of my 49yr existence I have NEVER come across this .. I am out of ideas.  Not a big deal but rather an annoying inconvenience.. 
anybody have any ideas what is happening??

Thanks for your suggestions 
The remote itself is probably IR, infra-red, but it could be the circuit it works on is noisy and broadcasting RF and that is what you are hearing. If that is the case your solutions are to wrap in aluminum foil or Faraday fabric and ground it, leaving only a little hole for the IR LED, or a new remote. If the buzz is a little bit different depending on what functions you are using that probably corresponds to the different IR codes being sent and this to me would confirm a noisy board.
Thank you Millercarbon— I always thought RF remotes were garage door opener, RC cars ..etc.. never thought IR would use RF signals . Learn something new everyday.. .

 Thanks again very much appreciated !!!

ComCrap has been RF for ages. First you should figure out what you got. IR is line of sight. RF works even on different floors.
No idea what's causing it.