there are 4 answers; refer to them by number

Okay, I'm not busting on anyone.

It seems to me after reading and writing many posts here that we can simplify many of our answers (and save a lot of typing) by using one of four stock answers, and referring to them by number:

(1) alternative a is better
(2) alternative b is better
(3) neither is better, but it is system dependent
(4) it's all subjective, go with what sounds good to you

I'm kidding of course. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort people go to try to help one another out. But it is amazing how hard it is to get a conclusive take on anything in audio.
you left out (5) all of the above ;~)
and number (6), none of the above
And #7 which is that Alternative C smokes both of the others, and Alternative 8, which is a special category reserved for Audiofeil where he rips into someone for recommending A/B/C without disclosing he is a dealer ;^)
if we just choose numbers how are we to pontificate?
Answer #4 would apply to every question.
You forgot (5) - "I'm confused, can someone elses ears help me?"


1. Yes.

2. No.

3. Ask the maker of your product yet?

4. Sorry but you need to throw more money at it.
(this one always upsets the DIY crowd)

5. Home depot
(this one always makes the DIY crowd happy)

6. Just move your chair

7. Everything matters!

8. No, I've not had/tried what your asking, but...

9. RWV

10. Only one way to find out...

11. Well, there's always stamp collecting.
12. It's not your system it's your room.
13. I acknowledge that this is a stupid thread.
#0 What kind of drink did you have?
Its not a number only the rate at wich the rate of buying pieces of audio changes relative to a floating variable wch is the money you can spend and the rate of new equipment that arises to used to guide you. If you have no fixed difference from 0 for the fdloart point. If that number approaches zero or is unable to be distinguished from zero. By defition the numbers are taken away .

I'm going to suggest that maybe you might want to think about slowing down on the vitamins....

Having owned the XYZ component for years,

(I am not biased; my opinion has credibility)

I can tell you it's not a bad component at all

( To damn with faint praise. )

But I replaced the XYZ component with the ABC component
( limited distribution,high margin no name component but FYI there happens to be an easy to find link on Audiogon and/or one for sale)

To be honest, it BLOWS AWAY everything I ever heard, including the XYZ component.

(People who are honest never say "to be honest". Like people who post and don't disclose their commercial affiliations, for example)

Not sure what number answer this is, but to me it is also a very clear template for answers.


We are all really a little bit pathetic.