Therapeutic music:

I've recently played around with my gears, more specifically with tweaks and vibration killers. To test the tweaks, I put the "Someday my prince will come" track from the same titled Miles Davis album. After about three times of repeated listening, something in my system (mind/body) seemed to allign and the result: an euphoric, nirvana meditative like trance that's quite therapeutic. I've practiced meditation and played around with acoustic therapy, but my knowledge in this area is limited. Anyone else has similar experience and can relate, expertise in the area, or has song recommendations? Your feed-back would be greatly appreciated.
Gunbei you are right, R. Carlos Nakai as well as Mary Youngblood are both excellent players and are the most widely known Native American flute artists. Nakai has many, many discs but my two favorites are "Canyon Trilogy" and "Mythic Dreamer" both of which are strictly flute music uncluttered by any other instruments. Mary only has a few discs. I prefer the first one"Offering" which was recorded live in a cave. Beautiful, smoothly lilting sounds for drifting away. Very soporific indeed.

Peace, Lee
Lee, thanks for the heads up on "R." Carlos Nakai and Mary Youngblood. I'll have to look into more of their offerings. Thanks!
Thanks for all the responses, I will check those out.
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