Theater Pass Through wtih EMM DCC2

Plan on acquiring DCC2 Preamp/DAC. Is anyone using a home theater bypass with their DCC2?

It is my understanding that connecting the analog balanced outs (front L & R only, of course) from my surround processor to the analog balanced ins on the DCC2, then setting the DCC2 volume control to 99 (the highest), will achieve unity gain on the DCC2 and allow me to use volume control on the surround processor. I would then run analog balanced outs from the DCC2 to my amplifier.

The alternative is to leave the surround processor alone and continue to run its analog balanced outs to my amplifier and also connect single ended outs from the DCC2 to the amplifier, then use the toggle switch on the amplifier to select between the balanced versus single ended inputs.

Looking for thoughts from the collective as to preferred method of connection, based on previous experience and, of course, sound quality.
I believe that, if you wire the DCC2 in the manner you are suggesting and turn the volume all the way up to 99, you will be running your signal through the preamp gain stage of the DCC2 and applying maximum gain, which will result in 8dB of gain.
How are you coming up with the 8dB of gain figure?
My recollection is that the maximum gain offered by the preamp stage of the DCC2 is either 8dB or 9dB. If you use the outputs from the DCC2 labeled "Analog Preamp Output" that are controlled by the DCC2's volume control, you are running the signal through the analog preamp stage. A volume of 99 would apply the full gain available from the DCC2's preamp.

It just occurred to me, though, that there are two additional sets of outputs (one RCA, one XLR) on the DCC2 labeled "Analog Line Output" that, I believe, bypass the analog preamp. I suspect you can use those outputs to achieve unity gain for the signal from your home theatre processor. I believe the output signal from these outputs is at a fixed level not at all affected by the DCC2's volume control, so the volume setting should be irrelevant.
According to the DCC2 manual, which can be downloaded from, the other analog line outputs to which you make reference are used solely when using the DCC2 as a DAC only and connecting the DCC2 to another preamp. The manual states in bold font that these analog outputs should not be connected directly to an amplifier.

If the gain offered by the DCC2 at maximum (i.e., 99) volume is, e.g., 8dB, would it make sense to either preset the volume on the DCC2 at a lower setting to achieve a lesser gain? Or, in the alternative, would it make sense to keep the DCC2 at the maximum setting and then, on the surround processor, program the output levels of the L & R to reduce the same by 8dB? If both are viable alternatives, is one considered the better alternative?
Rmaidenberg, I suppose the approach you suggested would work, and, if your home theatre processor allow you to preset the output levels to that low a level, I think your approach would be safer than the direction I was headed.
Interesting, I had call EMM Labs for this question, was told by setting the volume at "88" will provide unity gain...
Well, my dealer confirmed with both Ed Meitner and Greg (I think his last name is Soo) that 99 is the unity gain on the DCC2.

I will be connecting mine tomorrow and will post my findings.
Rmaidenberg, I am intrigued to hear about your findings. A volume setting of 99 on the DCC2 will apply maximum gain to the signal at the variable output jacks. If your dealer is saying that maximum gain equals unity gain, then what I think he are saying is that the preamp in the DCC2 is a passive preamp (i.e., it is strictly a volume attenuator that is not capable of providing any active gain of its own).
Well, I finally got around to connecting the analog balanced XLR outs from my surround processor into the analog balance XLR inputs on the DCC2. Before doing so, I ran pink noise through my processor in order to confirm what volume setting on my processor produced 75dB on my SPL meter. After bringing the DCC2 into the chain, I can unequivocally confirm that a volume setting of 99 on the DCC2 analog balanced XLR input is unity gain.
wont turning it up all the way introduce siganl noise?