Theater color

Ok so the walls are finally dry walled and I am ready for paint. I was told that Green was the best for a projector but I am really keen on this dark burgandy color for the walls. The ceiling is almost black in color. Any thoughts on this?
i'm certain you can use dark burgundy without any problems. as long as the color is sufficiently dark enough not to reflect much light, you should be fine. make sure to post pics when you're done.
Never herd green was best but anything dark and flat should be fine. dark burgandy is the most popular think or real theorthers blue I have also seen. never seen green might be nice though.
Black or Charcoal gray is optimal. Burgandy is fine. If you use medium to dark colors they will all work ok. If you use light contrast trim or carpet with contrast design they will all "pop" out and highlight when the picture gets bright. Avoid chrome, brass and poster frames with glass for the same reasons. Real movie theaters are dark and plain on the inside.
Non-reflective black or dark grey is ideal. Be carefull using colors as they can skew the projected color perception.
Suggestion - go to a photography store and purchase an 18% neutral density gray color card. Take it to the paint store and ask them to match it, try a pint first. Be sure to request deep tint base, this will have more earthy tones than a light base which has the battleship gray look.

If you like the color, go ahead. I had it lightened up a little so the room was not too dark.

Neutral density gray reflects visible wavelengths relativle equally and will not change your perception of color from reflected light. Think of walking in to a room with 6500 K light in a white linen suit. Any color on the walls will be picked up in the perception of the color of the white suit. The gray will let the suit appear white.

Widescreen Review has a great write up on home theater set up on some of their back issues - most notably Imaging Science 2000.