THE05: StTropez 2203: comments

THE05: StTropez 2203 I had heard that this room was using a Sony STR-DA3000ES Digital HT receiver as the amplifier and DAC to drive the Gallos. Does anyone know if this is correct? Does anyone know if the Sony was stock or modified? How did it sound?

I've also heard that Digital amps really benefit from clean power. Was that the purpose of this display, i.e., look what good input AC can do for a common HT receiver.


I remember thinking the room sounded good, and it was one of the biggest surprises of the show for me when I heard the sound coming out of the room, then saw the tiny little speakers that were responsible for the sound. When i WAS THERE, THE OWNER OF THE ROOM WAS DEMONSTRATING CABLE WRAPS (actually tubes) THAT (sorry, hit caps lock)were intended to remove stray electical fields from the cables. He demod the system without the wrap, then put one on the digitalcable between transport and DAC. I heard an improvement in bloom of piano notes after the tweek was added. In other words, the pianop notes sounded compressed before, but grew in sound to reach their peak before decayiong more naturally after. It was easy to hear, and imnpressive for something so simple.