The Zune - Avoidance of Headphone Output

I just bought the Zune 80gb MPS player. It sounds pretty good, but I would like to skip their output for headphones and feed the signal into my Porta Corda portable amplifier. On the Ipod I was able to find a cable that had an Ipod connector into a heaphone connector, which I plugged into the Porta Corda. I can't seem to find the same for Zune. Does anyone know if a similar cable is sold for the Zune? I assume I would be able to get the signal through the Zune connector like I did on the Ipod.

Yes there are after market "dock out" cables for Zune; go to and start searching the forums and featured manufacturers on that site. There are several people who make custom dock-out cables for all kinds of MP3 players, not just iPod.