The youngster

I was slow to notice this probable because I was to much
concerned with the question what I can afford.So the
question what others can afford come to me when I reread
Rauls effort about the MM carts. The socio-economic impact
so to speak. I am mainly concerned with the youngster.
My neighbour payd me a visit with hes son Jan (12 years old). Jan was not interested in my Usher 20-Be but was as
obssesed with my Kuzma in 'general' and with my Triplanar
in 'particular'. He looked at me as only an child can and
asked:'Uncle Nic may I have those when you pass away?'
So thanks to 'uncle Raul' they can get a dicent cart for
$50-$100 and then proceed to,say,an Lenco and ask 'uncle
Lewn' how to 'trim' this 'thing' for cheap.
I.e. we can compose an dicent 'front-end' that is affordable for the youngster.

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