The XA9000ES's are hitting the Classifieds Rapidly

I guess more and more of us are giving up on SACD.. What a great player for $1350.00... Thoughts?

As of today there are 5 listed in the Classifieds, 3 just listed today, the other 2 are sold. Hardly an indication that more and more of us are giving up on SACD. In fact, it may be that the sellers like SACD so much that they are upgrading as one seller indicates.
Probably dumping before HD-DVD/Blu-Ray players come out with similar features.
I wanted to believe as I saw merit in the performance of SACD but face it, I am just not seeing it going anywhere. The majority of the titles I want to listen to (Past and Present)are not available on SACD and are not being released or even being planned for release.

My prediction is that the prices of SACD players here in the Classifieds will continue to fall.
Hey Chris, hope all is well...pick up the Cary 303/100 for 900 or less here for sale right now & have HDCD capability, great sound/synergy w/your amp. btw, how's things at the 930? it's 4:20 here in fl.
Hey Pat, things are well. I purchased an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 DAC and love it. I am running my Apple Airport Express into it and a Rotel Transport (which is temporary) as I search for something better. I saw that Cary, do you think it would make a good transport?

Things here in DC are well. I actually caught THE CULT at the 930 Club last week. Ian Astbury has never sounded better and Bill Duffy just crushed things playing a Les Paul. They even did an acoustic version of "Edie" which was spectacular. Definitely the best show I have been to this year..

Be Well,

The_kid wrote:

I guess more and more of us are giving up on SACD.. What a great player for $1350.00... Thoughts?

There are 17 Cary Audio tube amps for sale in the classifieds. Does that mean people are giving up on tube amps (or Cary Audio products)?

Nice, did I strike a nerve? It was certainly not my intention. My point is, that I had noticed several players (XA9000ES) hit the new today classifieds in a row. What surprised me was each one that hit, had a lower price.

Having just sold my XA777ES for $975.00, I was just surprised how close the price for a "used" 9/10 condition was for a XA9000ES. Also, did you see my comment you highlighted? "What a great player for $1350". I am not throwing stones here, jut making an observation.

I am just surprised at the price drop in value here on Audiogon and associate that with the SLOW death of SACD.

Nerve strike? Not at all. I was trying to gently hint that attempting to divine a global trend from what's being sold on Audiogon this week is not a very useful exercise. In most cases, there is insufficient data to draw a substantive conclusion. If you want to believe that sales of certain items are due to the "death of SACD," you are more than welcome to do so, but your belief is not substantiated.

While I'm pontificating, I'll say that I really don't understand this morbid fascination with and focus on the supposed death of SACD. Formats die. It is the nature of the world we live in that technology is superceded. So, we have quite a few "dead" formats in the world.

Vinyl is dead.
Videotape is dead.
Cassette tape is dead.
CD is dead.
SACD is dead.
DVD-A is dead.
DVD-V is soon-to-be dead.

All these dead formats, yet there are still new releases coming in all of these formats, and new players and equipment are still being developed and sold for all of them.
Why they want to kill SACD format, I dont get it, so
far the people who are not optimistic on the SACD
format are missing a lot.There are so many good
SACD selections out there.So far no funeral yet.

I see where you are coming from and I have seen the threads you mentioned. I guess I was more surprised at the attractive the price the players were selling for and just associated it with the format. For $1350.00 I may just buy one for a transport.. Thanks for expanding on your point...

Chris I check your system,you do listen to Rock n Roll
I dont think you need SACD.I dont think you are sold
with SACD.Ask Markr from Illinois,I think He is your
friend.He own a SonyMod9000es by Modwright.He can tell
you, how good is SACD, thats why I always look who is
posting.And for the most part I check their system,before
I will agree.You do have a good set up though.Honestly
you did not experience the best of SACD.The audiophile
who are selling their XA9000ES probably are not sold
either.My 9000esDVP did notsound spectacular untilModwright
did the modification.
Yeah, but DVP-S9000ES ans SCD-XA9000ES are completely different machines. The S9000ES uses the last Sony Bitstream DACs (the so called VC24+), while the XA9000ES uses re-labeled Burr-Brown DAC with "night and day" internal topology.

Thought you may want to know.

I am sure Dan Wright of Modwright can do miracles with both uints though.


You are probably correct. What I listen too is not widely available on SACD. On SACD I had Ryan Adams, Train, The Police, Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Norah Jones, and few other titles. The majority of those discs did yield an audible improvement over my redbook versions of those titles. However a few of them did not.

I have no doubt of the format's strengths. I am just always interested in which direction fellow audio hobbyist are going.. Thanks for your post!

Chris I agree.I only clarified it,not to scare someone
who want to try SACD,I do have a good collection though.
SACD can stop now, I am ok with it.My suggestion is to
really appreciate SACD get a good SACD player.Thanks
Alex, I agree, I heard the XA9000es is better.I heard
it at a friend house is better than a SonyDVP9000es
stock.But my SonyMod9000esDVP Modwright is way much
better its not even close.Modification works.I heard
Dan dont modify the XA9000es.I did remember inquiring
about it.The reason there is no space inside.Thank you
also for letting us know.
HDCD seems to be where the Music Companies are heading not SACD. Just the other day at the music store I saw the entire Dead catalog and CSN done in this format. I own a modwright Platinum Mod Sony s9000es and I'm very happy with the sound. I've never heard a SACD disc on it. face it Sony since BETA has never been able to get their formats accepted by the big players, maybe demanding to much of the pie.
There are probably just as many SACD's out there as HDCD's,so I wouldn't get too fired up about it.Also,didn't Sony and Philips co-invent Redbook(cd)?Gary.

P.S.You really owe it to yourself to listen to some SACD's on that fine player of yours.
Qdrone I cant believe it ,you missed so much, SACD on the
SonyModwright is LIVE and Real.Do yourself a favor get a
good SACD recording, trust me its as good as Vynil without
the defect.