The WOW factor in Acoustic Zen interconnects...

Does anyone know about the differences in performance levels using the Acoustic Zen WOW vs. their Matrix Reference cables?

I need very lengthy balanced runs (15 meters) and I could save a great deal of cash by using the WOW's which retail for almost 50% of the price of the Matrix Reference, but I'm concerned about what I may be giving up in performance. Their website describes both as being constructed of copper.

I would be replacing similar runs of Transparent Ultra RCA's.

Thanks in advance for your input. Gerry
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Call AZ and ask them. I've spoken to them before and they seem to be very up front about what they do and why. You can always compare what they tell you to the "real world" experiences of others on this site, but at least you'll have some baseline information. Best of luck.

I have owned both and both are amazing for their price. I sold my WOW's and still have the Matrix from pre/pre to amp. The consences is that the WOW is about 85% of the Matrix. The WOW lacks that ultimate extension in both bass and treble but it also has a slightly boosted midrange so this may work out wonderfully for your purpose, especially in a home theatre set-up. Obviously the WOW would save you a substantial amount of money, particularly in longer lengths. Unless you do a direct A-B between the two you probably wouldn't miss the slight difference.
The difference between the two is that the Matrix resolves more detail and has more extension up top. Bass balance slides slightly infavor of the Matrix as well(although it's negligable, considering proples problems with speaker set-up anyway, and thus bass is all over the place!).
The WOW is without a doubt about the best cable you'll find at that price range, and is better than $500 Audio Quest Python, and comparable to $500-900 Cardas in my oppinion(at about the same detail/rez). Actually(go figure) the WOW is competetive with the Harmonic Truth link for same money(maybe slight edge to WOW).
If you can spring for the extra bongos, at least on the amp to preamp connection, DEFINITELY get a pair of Matrix to go between amp and pre!...then use the WOW's between source componets if you are budgetting. If you can't swing the Matrix, the Wow still sounds great, only not the last word in resolution.
Love that Acoustic Zen product!
I have both interconnects in my system and have to pretty much agree with Sherod and Lthkeeper. First of all, all of the Acoustic Zen products are first rate. I have their power cords, speaker cables and interconnects. Every one of their products is superior to anything in their price range. (even way beyond the price range) The new design Matrix Refs are copper and silver. They deliver deeper, tighter, more detailed bass than the original version. Resolution of detail is excellent. You'll be surprised how much more information you will hear with these plugged in. Gotta agree with Lthkeepr on the Matrix Ref connection between pre-amp and amp. Also if you have a CD player in this system, a Matrix Ref needs to be there too. Otherwise, the WOW would be an outstanding choice for the balance of the setup. AZ has just come out with a new version of the Tsunami power cord. I have never heard the original but have the new version currently plugged into my pre-amp. This cord is amazing. Better resolution and soundstage than products like the King Cobra and Whale. (I own them both)Not quite the lower end dynamics of the others though. BTW, there is a "harmonic rightness" with Acoustic Zen products. It seems the more you put into the system, the more you hear it. Congrats on your choice of AZ's. Hope you'll like them as much as I do.
I am using the WOW's and having good results. I replaced Audioquest Vipers. The boosted midrange is an enhancement on the speakers I am currently using(Martin Logan Aerius I's).
Thanks to everyone for the insights. I appreciate you taking the time to give me your input and experiences.