The worst sound system

Our group from work went to a bar here in Chandler AZ for beers and wings and they had their the music (sic) cranked upwards of 90db, it was hard to talk over. The speakers were "kick boxes" like designed for between the back seat and the rear cab of a pick-up truck hung on the wall about five feet up, piezo tweeters and all. The sound coming from these things was enough to cause mental distress, boom, boom, screech, screech, lord only knows what kind of crappy electronics provided the drive to these things. I won't even call them speakers and nobody seemed to mind the terrible sounds in this bar except me. I mean, this was so bad I wanted to leave immediatly but I did stay for a couple of beers and the wings. But, that got me to thinking, who put this crap together and why do all of these people sit in this place and either enjoy or put up with this sound? I will never go back to this bar just because the sound is the worst I've ever heard.
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I agree with Liguy, I worry about my hearing in those conditions. But I don't let bad speakers bother me anymore. Everyone is different and some things matter more to others. I mean, I don't insist on gourmet meals every night, Ramen noodle is fine with me many times. And if the sound is ok to them then so be it. Lastly, could someone tell me what BTW stands for? I feel like an idiot for not being able to figure it out yet based on the contexts its used. No one ever told me IMO or IMHO, but for some reason I caught those.
Thanks Elgordo. I kept thinking the B stood for But and then something. Its weird how our minds work puzzles. I've noticed like on those word jumbles in the paper--it seems if I don't get them within the first few seconds it becomes harder and harder to get them. Now in the end I always get them--worst case I resort to a matrix (line up all the possible combinations), but...
Detlof, "restaurant-bar"; getting drunk is indeed hard work -- but thoroughly rewarding, don't you find?
Yes, while your at it Greg, but later.....its like buying high end gear, which you cannot really afford and your lady finds out......oh the headache....