THE WORST SELLERS FOR ANSWERING QUESTIONS, Audiogon, Audiomart, E-bay.....Others

I spend many hours trying to get people selling things to either Sell or Answer Questions about there items, I call them "Face Book Sellers"     They would rather do anything but sell, pack and shlp something  The web site that seems to be the worst is Audiomart , and they beat every body else by hundreds........I have three deals going on right now, I send my Pay-Pal address for billing and they do nothing, send them a e-mail and they do nothing.....The other day I bought a 800.00 item, I have no tracking number. I have called and have no answers, I have e-mailed, with no answers.....The only thing I have is a charge of 877.00 and a phone number...........Nothing else.......Common manners are totally gone on the internet.....Right now I have over 10,000.00 spent and I can't get a answer from anyone......Some of the stuff will maybe show up, but most is lost on the inter net somewhere and will take another 6-7 emails .......So what do you find is the worst web-site for your purchases   ???
I've never had a problem at Audiogon, eBay or Reverb..  They are well policed.  Those are all that I have used.
I've bought and sold a ton of stuff on USAudioMart and never had a problem.  None, Nada, Zilch.

Never any serious problems on Audiogon or E-Bay either, that weren't solved right away.
The problem is people won't answer e-mail at all........People have no integrity , I have had offers of within 2% of the asking price and they can't even email and say "NO"  So you have all this money tied up in offers and nobody answers emails or phone calls or anything.....I had over 10,000.00 tied up for four days and not one single answer from anyone.....People have learned nothing of manners by the internet, and its people like me that buy most of the stuff listed in Audio internet sales, and if it wasn't for us nothing would get bought or sold........Most people buy two or three items a year, and people like myself buy two or three items a day.....There is a difference
The problem is people won't answer e-mail at all........People have no integrity,
SOME people won't answer e-mail at all......SOME people have no integrity,
... Right now I have over 10,000.00 spent and I can't get a answer from anyone ...
It looks like you're doing business with the wrong people.
" Most people buy two or three items a year, and people like myself buy two or three items a day"

Let's say if your claim is true, at an average of 2.5 items per day, that is 912 transactions per year. You are complaining about 4 transactions or .005% of your deals. Sounds like a very very few people.
Maybe I worded that wrong, I try and buy that many items, and actually E-bay is the best for that , because of the "Buy-It-Now".......Then all you can hope for is they send your purchase in a timely fashion ......What I can't seem to get is people will tell you anything and never even come close to doing it......And then you have the new people that just don't know what is expected .....But we are dealing in big money and big problems, and nothing seems to get better in selling and delivering items over 1000.00........
“…:people won’t answer e-mail at all…..people have no integrity…”

(1) @thecarpathian is correct: SOME may choose to ghost you in emails….there is no generalization here. It reflects possible poor manners by that select few, but it has nothing to do with their “integrity”…an important distinction.

(2) Being ghosted is intuitively very frustrating to you….sure.
It may be indeed be a result of a laxity of simple audio forum and audio marketplace manners by some members.
Ghosting may also be invoked by some audio forum marketplace members bespoke lingering value judgements based on any linked past negative feedback (and especially feedback rants …). Any issues here, real or perceived on USAM since you singled it out?

Well that is a good theory, but I'm not sure its correct.....I have probably had over10,000 transactions, I have receive one negative feed-back, I have never left a negative feedback for anyone.....And I should have , but I always feel there's a reason for the lines people take ......But I'm beginning to think that nobody cares what people think....they just "bumble along"..........Its kind of like Face-book.......Whats that all about ??   Nobody knows ??  

The problem is people won’t answer e-mail at all........

The problem sounds to me like you did not use PayPal. Or they would have been as responsive as a police fund telemarketer.
Wah wah.
That must be the reason for your success n eBay - they own PayPal
“SOME people won’t answer e-mail at all......SOME people have no integrity.”

Add lack of common courtesy to the list as well. I am consistently buying and selling here and on USAM. I’ve dealt with all kinds, most people are courteous. And then there are those who ask a question with no greeting no names, takes the info and then disappear. What are you going to do..I ain’t loosing my sleep over it :-)
I have bought a lot of stuff here on Audiogon over the years, and never been scammed. However, I have had instances where the seller failed to leave feedback, despite a successful sale. If they are members here, and obviously they are if they are selling, leaving feedback shouldn't be too big a chore for them. Are they really that busy?
I have fortunately had just the opposite experience over many transactions for both inexpensive stuff and really expensive stuff.   I had two transactions this week and both were from USAM and both went very well with extremely polite and friendly people - one buyer and one seller.
In addition to treating others as you would want to be treated, one other suggestion that has served me well is to be willing to walk away if you are not getting prompt responses, if the other party seems rude or inattentive, or if things just don't seem right.   
When I sell here, I go out of my way for the purchaser. First, I send them a message thanking them for their purchase and also to let them know the day I am shipping and how it is being shipped. Once shipped, I immediately send them the tracking info. When I am sure the item has been received I wait a couple of days and message them inquiring if it arrived safely. If I don’t get feedback, a week later I will give them feedback and ask they do the same.

I would say 50% of the time, I get absolutely no response from any of my messages and some of these guys are always here in the forums (hint, hint). I have sold 4 items in the last 45 days and only 1 person has given me feedback and that was after 3 requests. The other 3 ghosted me, never answered any of my messages from day 1 and never gave me feedback. Like I said, some of these guys post in the forums weekly, if not daily.

They act nice here but are very rude not to answer even one message with a “thanks” or something similar. I have pretty much sold or gave away all my excess gear so I won’t be selling much more. In my 13 years here, I have lost out on feedback from at least 20 or so sales. Some people can really be jerks or a holes and need to learn proper etiquette or netiquette.
Stereo 5 so true many turkeys here.I had one guy sold him Audience line conditioner he paid me after receiving unit I took a big chance.He did not deposit money until after he got unit then I asked him for positive feedback he said he felt funny doing it.(What a jerk).Audiogon has many jerks.
Well this is what has happened on the internet with me in several days....I have three amplifiers and one pre-amp I'm trying to buy on Audiomart....Keeping in mind that the Audiomart guys are the worst for answering e-mails to buy or ask questions about purchasing....The first guy sells the pre amp for 2200.00 , I have sent 10 e-mails to be told its pending but has not been paid for.....I offered to pay him right away.....No answers......Second guy on Audiomart, has a amplifier which he said he would sell me for 700.00....All he needed was the shipping....two days no price for shipping and one email with no information about shipping, so I told him to add 50.00 and send a invoice......He can't do it......Audiogon sells me what I thought was a pay-pal deal for 877.00 for a amp......When I click on what I thought was Pay-pal payment.....It takes 877.00 out of my credit card ....The deal is done.....well maybe its done but its not.......I have no information of the seller except his phone number (which he won't answer), I'm out 877.00 which Audiogon is holding because he is a new-be, he won't send it without the money, they won't release the money untel I receive it, which I will never do because he won't ship it without the money.......So I tell Audiogon to forget it and just give me my money back.....And they won't do that unless he gives them the OK to give my money back..........Do you see a problem ???
Well I've just offered to buy another item on Audiomart, we will see if we ever get a answer, or how long it takes..........I bought a 3500.00 item on e-bay yesterday and it took about 4 minutes to complete the deal, and in less than two hours I have the tracking number ..........not bad ??    My Audiogon deal started about a week ago, and I'm out 877.00 and I don't even have the name of the seller, And I might not ever have it..............We will see.......

That must be the reason for your success n eBay - they own PayPal

eBay and PayPal went their separate ways over 4 years ago.
I stand corrected. 
I knew they did but for some reason I echoed another idiot.
Not insane.
They still work pretty closely together though.
Well today was a plus for Audiomart, one of there sellers sold me a item, got paid, and answered questions......And it was all in one day    THANKS
If it seems US Audio Mart is rough, try the world of Craigslist on for size. That is a whole nother world there. 
Check out Audio2cool on here for answering questions.   He just banned me because I asked questions and he didn't like my offer.  He got cranky with another guy because he asked the color of a unit with no picture!   IMO, if you don't want offers, then don't allow them.