The Worst Room...

Who has the worst room/space for their system(s)? Mine are far from ideal. How about yours?
When I read about the rooms some members have I feel very fortunate. Some have troublesome "L" shaped rooms, or basement rooms with low ceilings.
For others, the problem is that they can only place their system in the family living room, which dictates non-ideal speaker placement and tensions with the wife/husband, as well as restrictions on when you can listen because of competing television viewing.
I feel very fortunate because even though my current listening room is fairly small compared to my previous home, it is only 13' x 11' x 9', it is all mine, and I can place things wherever I want. Besides that, the acoustics are very good.

That is a blessed situation. Very nice indeed!
I have a garage.  Right now it is filled with saws, benches, tools, drills, grill,  computers and a tent for spraying finish.  The speakers are 7 ft off the ground.  I recently created FIR filters using REW and rePhase for use in hqplayer.  Really fine-tuned the sound.  Someday, I will have a proper listening room.