The Worst Performance Ever - Really

I always think of the late 60's and early 70's as the high point for rock and roll, but this is absolutely the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. Try to watch it all the way through, as it's so bad that it actually becomes good. That's not easy. Most bad things are just bad, but this is exceptionally bad, which is not as easy as you think. Enjoy.
The performance is very "Spinal Tap". The drummer is not horrible
and daddy likey the dancing girls. I love the section that juxtaposes the female
stripper with the topless male guitar player. Cool vid, Chayro.

I must say, as an aside, I also respect the fact that you have a nice, make that
very nice, system but also have the ability to appreciate more beer-budget
items, such as the Sony 5400 CD player and Bada integrated, as evinced by your
threads. Good call on both.
Yeah, that was pretty awful. I remember seeing a concert back in the good ol' daze, it was a 3 act lineup. I do not recall the 2nd and third acts, but the opening band was *truly* awful - The Groundhogs. It was about the only time I've seen a large crowd actively boo a band and start throwing things on stage.

Thankfully, they cut their set short and hurried off the stage after about 20 minutes...

It certainly was no worse than Alice Cooper,The Misfits et al.One rarely sees go-go girls outdoors in sunlight.Perhaps that's a good thing.Was that Agent Orange they were releasing? Thanks for the link.
Casey33- I guess one cannot, and should not, argue "taste" but I need to make an exception. The Alice Cooper band (pre-1973, or so) was a remarkably tight, cohesive unit. Few bands of the genre played as well.
I thought The Who's performance at the Super Bowl a few years back was one of the saddest thing I've ever seen. If the show hadn't been so elaborately staged, I'd have assumed there was an issue with the monitors and they couldn't hear one another.
I think that back in the 60's many record companies were paranoid about missing the next big thing, so they signed and supported many acts that would never have otherwise survived. And thanks for the kind words Lindifarne.
And to think as a teenager my buddies and I would sit and listen to Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends while doing things teens did during that period in time. I liked it at the time, but not one tune is memorable. I do remember the album cover with the Union Jack painted on the Rolls.
Not only is it lame but it's a total ripoff of Screaming Jay Hawkins (remember "I Put a Spell on You?") who used to use a coffin prop on stage. Lord Suck even stole the "Screaming" name. What a loser--he's certainly no Arthur Brown, who could sing and had an interesting visual act (as well as good musicians in his band).
could not get through it. don't think anyone really like Sutch at the time, I didn't know anyone who did. Notice that no one in the audience is dancing or doing anything except waiting for it to be over.

agree about the lame Who superbowl show. Except for McCartney, all the recent ones have been disappointing.
Well, it made those pigeons scramble for sure....never a good sign.

Guess that's one good reason I never heard of those guys.

But really, no time or era has ever had a monopoly on things deemed good or bad either at the time or currently. It's always a mixed bag. Some things are really really good, and others....

I'll see if I can find something even worse....