The Who's rock opera "TOMMY" Has there ever been a notable "VINYL REISSUE" ??

The above title is my question: Has there ever been a notable that is, good VINYL  reissue  of THIS OUTSTANDING PIECE OF MUSIC.  I have seen CD's of it, but just Red Book standard level, or even re-mastered versions, but not on vinyl.

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Thank you to all who have responded.  It has been enlightening and useful.  I am aware of the Discogs site and probably will check it out again. .

I have a copy of  "Tommy"  and it sounds good, but in anticipation of buying a better table and cartridge, I thought I would post this thread. I am not sure how old my copy is. The cover is in good shape; but, side four is marred by pops and clicks, no matter how much I clean it

May have to consider the SACD version recommended by member

"ron_ Hartman" 


Funny I sold my copy of Tommy with the London Symphony Orchestra when I sold off my collection. 6 years ago.Mint condition .Oh well.