The Who's rock opera "TOMMY" Has there ever been a notable "VINYL REISSUE" ??

The above title is my question: Has there ever been a notable that is, good VINYL  reissue  of THIS OUTSTANDING PIECE OF MUSIC.  I have seen CD's of it, but just Red Book standard level, or even re-mastered versions, but not on vinyl.

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"I have never seen that London Symphony Orchestra copy for sale anywhere."

I have one of those independent  neighborhood stores(boarded up until who knows when) that something like that just magically shows up. Guess it will just be one of those finds when I'm not expecting.

Discogs lists it also being released in the infamous "Quadraphonic" sound! 

Thank you to all who have responded.  It has been enlightening and useful.  I am aware of the Discogs site and probably will check it out again. .

I have a copy of  "Tommy"  and it sounds good, but in anticipation of buying a better table and cartridge, I thought I would post this thread. I am not sure how old my copy is. The cover is in good shape; but, side four is marred by pops and clicks, no matter how much I clean it

May have to consider the SACD version recommended by member

"ron_ Hartman" 


Funny I sold my copy of Tommy with the London Symphony Orchestra when I sold off my collection. 6 years ago.Mint condition .Oh well.