The Who's rock opera "TOMMY" Has there ever been a notable "VINYL REISSUE" ??

The above title is my question: Has there ever been a notable that is, good VINYL  reissue  of THIS OUTSTANDING PIECE OF MUSIC.  I have seen CD's of it, but just Red Book standard level, or even re-mastered versions, but not on vinyl.

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Is there anything wrong with the original vinyl issue in SQ?

Of course the problem would be to find one in NM condition I suppose.
This one.

It's a 1973 MCA reissue. It might be hiding in the bin of your local store? I have a 1969 US Decca, that sounds great, but spotty. I have this later reissue, and it sounds quite good.

I bet there are a few R-R owners still enjoying their 1969 copy.

I can imagine a "modern" reissue plagued by the usual stuff-punched up bass, overall "CD" tone.
I had not even checked my copy but it is that one tablejockey.

Sounds pretty good to my ears.

I also have an excellent version by The London Symphony Orchestra from 1972.