The Who "Who's Next".

Arguably, The Who's album, "Who's Next" is one of the best of the best. Both MCA and MFSL did justice by producing gold disks of this classic. My question is, who did it better? Owing to the fact that MOFI only put out around 2,000 copies, which puts it in the rare catagory, I only have the MCA copy. With eBay listing the MOFI version at $160+ is it worth the extra to pay over the MCA version? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
The British LP on the Track label is much better in terms of liqidity and impact than either of the CDs or the American pressing. I own all of them. But that's off the Track. To answer your question, the MoFi is quite a bit better, but $160.00, probably not. In any form this is a fairly poorly recorded rock album not some audiophile classic. Great music though in any format.
keep looking. I got my mofi copy for $100.
I love any good copy of "Who's Next". Just a great album froma great band.
I've also got the MOFI cd.I picked one up a couple months back in a local Borders.Back then I'd browse the stores buying any leftover MOFI disc I could find.In one trip to one Borders I found The Who 'Tommy'and 'Who's Next'plus a couple U2 titles a Nirvana 'Nevermind'and to top of this banner day two 'Guns 'n Roses disc.I could barely contain myself as I checked out!!!
You need to hear Steve Hoffman's remaster of Who's Next CD. Beat's the heck out of any MCA release or Gold Disc IMHO. Go to and get all your questions anserwed.
Check out the MFSL Who are you . Crank it up and stand back !
listen to trip
Interesting new twist on this thread. I too had looked at Steve Hoffman's web site before. BTW the address is: though I must admit, I hadn't noticed that MCA had put out two different disks for this title. One being Steve's handywork (MCAD-37217) and the other someone else (MCAD-11312). I have the other one. I followed the link provided and found out that this CD (though not a gold CD) is offered from Canada for $6.57 USD?? What a deal. Has anyone else splurged for such an expensive disk? Any opinions? Some music just never seems to grow old, and to me, this is one of them.