The Who Live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD

Has any who has heard this DVD in 5.1 DTS version experience the same problem with the soundtrack?
Pete Townshend can only be heard through the right channel only, and very overpowering!
While the drums (which I consider a trademark sound of the Who) muted and almost non existent?
I saw that nobody has responded to this thread. I have this DVD, which is very good. The DTS mix is significantly better than the Dolby 5.1 mix in sound quality. But, you are correct that the DTS mix is somewhat mystifying. Both versions have the drums de-emphasized. I love Zach Starkey, but maybe they've grown tired of those who complain that they have the gall to tour without Keith Moon....

I actually liked the mix a lot on my system. For me, Pete's guitar up front was sublime. Having said that, I'll have to admit being a guitar player and prefer the guitar mixed up front in any case. And you can certainly play with the mix a lot if your processor is flexible. The parameters of my Lexicon DC-1 can be adjusted to present the sonic picture in a lot of different ways in DTS or Dolby Digital. For example in DTS, the mix can really drastically change depending if you are in DTS music, DTS THX, DTS 2channel or DTS Logic7 modes. And in Logic 7 you can adjust how forward the mid frequencies are presented.