The weirdness of it all

Power cables and power conditioning seem the next focus components.  While I struggle, as I'm sure many do paying premium for a chunk of wire, it seems that when done well, that chunk of wire is now an influential component in the chain allowing everything to shine.

I've slowly been upgrading all PCs with Furutech 4.1 with appropriate connectors and it has been nothing short of revelatory moving the needle of performance for the whole system.  I can liken it to completely refining a fuel injection system which in turn allows everything to work better producing better performance.

I've capped my insanity with the Furutech and do not see myself moving beyond that.  While certainly real capital, not hide the women and children capital like some products left unnamed.


Another weird thing is how the folks who are over on the China Cable thread claim marvelous akin to top tier results with counterfeit cables?? 

Well, it's done.  Two more Furutech 4.1 power cables added;  one to the music server, one to the preamp.  And the veil lifting continues.  

The positive side, monies invested have rendered conclusive positive results and not been a waste of capital.  Yet more dynamic with improved sound staging.

Lesson learned is that it's cumulative in effect when done right.

@audphile1  Cannot really say.  Sounded great immediately and now that I have mixed ages of the same cable, well……..  somewhat indeterminate.  But definitely well worth it when from my perspective, 15K for just one high end cable is insane.

That’s just my perspective.  Cheers

I’m trying one out now but it’s broken in. I need two for the amps. Was just wondering about the break in. I remember my 55n with FI-50 NCF plugs took well over 500-600hrs. I lost count and then it just all came together. 

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