The Weekend

Well, just watched the half-time Super Bowl, and I am impressed and (should I say it?), surprised by The Weekend.  Perhaps it's my biases at play here, but I am shocked and happy about it.  Or as I was coached at my job, my "unconscious bias".  I loved it!
No, U2.
You’re thinking of Roger Daltrey.
What is the correct way, in this thread at least, to call the singer from U2?
The jury is still out on who's performance was worse, the Chiefs O line or the weekend??? Hahaha

I figured out several years ago that the best time to go to the bathroom then grab some food was during the half time show. Nothing to see there!

Most boring halftime show I've seen in years.  Kept my interest for about 30 seconds.
Most boring halftime show I’ve seen in years. Kept my interest for about 30 seconds.

My feelings too.

I think I need a high end surround sound system. Maybe 2-channel isn’t enough to fully appreciate a spectacular like Super Bowl halftime. Maybe I need to buy more stuff!!!!!!!

Or not....