The Weekend

Well, just watched the half-time Super Bowl, and I am impressed and (should I say it?), surprised by The Weekend.  Perhaps it's my biases at play here, but I am shocked and happy about it.  Or as I was coached at my job, my "unconscious bias".  I loved it!
Wow, I feel sorry for the kids that lived in most of your households. I am in my 50's, but I could easily sing along to most songs by The Weeknd. There is a reason why he gets a billion+ views on Youtube.  Songs are uber catchy, have a great beat, and he has a half decent voice.  I was a very late baby at the time, my parents were almost 40 years older than I am, but we always had a big cross section of music playing in the house.   I know my kids would listen to the Weeknd, but they know Who, Stones, and Depeche mode too. Maybe this fuels that argument that audiophiles use music to listen to their equipment and not their equipment to listen to music.

And ya, dill, I am sure your motivations were innocent. Not.
My daughter was meh on The Weekend as well. She considers Michael Jackson’s appearance before her time back in early 90’s the one to beat.

I think I recognized some tunes I have heard before there underneath all the production and glitz but not enough of a Weekend expert to say for sure.

I’ll stick to the studio versions of most things over live Super Bowl performances over the years. Granted sound and acoustics are much improved in newer NFL stadiums. I was in the sweet spot for Paul McCartney at Fedex Field a few years back and that was actually veeery good.  But most Super Bowl halftime shows to me are just a big hot least on TV.
I’m on the side of thinking it was a flop of a halftime show, and I generally find them entertaining and dare I say fun.

My three kids think that The Weeknd is pretty lame.

But you know what, if you liked the show and the singer more power to you, everyone has their own tastes.  
" And ya, dill, I am sure your motivations were innocent. Not."

-Before I give you the reason I mentioned it twice, please tell me why you think my prior posts where "obviously racist"
Everybody's working for the Weeknd!