The Weekend

Well, just watched the half-time Super Bowl, and I am impressed and (should I say it?), surprised by The Weekend.  Perhaps it's my biases at play here, but I am shocked and happy about it.  Or as I was coached at my job, my "unconscious bias".  I loved it!
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You really are what I thought you were, aren't you?!
The Weekend was just as bad as the Chiefs...
I didn't see or hear the 1/2 time. But I like "The Weekend"..

I like Pop, & R&B.. On the list pretty often..

I thought the mirror room part was a missed and there was some sound issues, but overall, I thought it was pretty good. He just needs to loose the handheld microphone and get a headset so that he can move more.
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You scare exactly nobody.
Actually, to be correct it was Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, known as the Weeknd.
Not a fanboy but it was better than "look at me" pole dancing
What are you people talking about?

Weekend, Marxist drivel, mirror room, pole dancing...

Is it full Moon out there?
LOL, Cold War stuff.. What did they say a Woodstock?

"Don't take the acid" There is some bad stuff out there man!!

The moral of the story is, bring your own mushrooms..

Here I don't know. Puff Puff pass, and lay off the booze, maybe..

The Weekend? We are near the end of Civilization!
Where was a good old fashioned wardrobe malfunction when you needed it?
Bunch of people running around with jockstraps on their face. That's my takeaway from the halftime show.
The artist that performed at halftime at the Super Bowl was Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, goes by the stage name of "the Weeknd". Yes with the "e" intentionally left out.
Style over substance. Reasons why they spend millions on lasers and fireworks, because the music sucks...
No one should ever come here only to read some schmoe exclaim how happy he is to be coached about his "unconscious bias". Or any other Marxist drivel.
Also, no one should come here only to read some schmoe exclaim his delusional, conspiracy theory foolishness, or any other narcissistic, self absorbed, inflated sense of self worth drivel. 
Not a fan of SB halftime shows. Nor of Super Bowls in general.  though I like the football part. Exercises in being overblown and over the top and that’s pretty much it. Makes us look shallow and superficial which we are not, right?  Then again I come from Amish country so what do I know?
I bet you can drive the heck out of a horse and buggy...!
So basically what happens is, there’s a whole slew of thoroughly unsavory time-wasters here who really should be somewhere else ... No one should ever come here only to read some schmoe exclaim how happy he is to be coached about his "unconscious bias". Or any other Marxist drivel ... Every once in a while this pushes one over the edge into an area where they can be banned from the site. A slow, arduous process to be sure but watch your email, I have a feeling you are about to see it in action.
So did you see the halftime show, MC? I thought they worked too hard to make it impressive, and that just made it even more of a letdown.
I bet you can drive the heck out of a horse and buggy...!
Involves animal husbandry.

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyse a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects. — Robert Heinlein

It’s been a long time, but I think I can still get a saddle onto a reluctant horse. The first and only horse I ever dealt with (that was a inhabitant at the given space) was a totally ornery and retired western riding champion, who would test you every inch of every second.

Likened to having the keys of a 1500 hp 4wd highly explosive and leaking fuel ...rocket car... designed for any and all terrain, throwing said keys at a 12 year old, and telling them to go and get a pack of smokes at the store which is 200 miles away.

Like that is going to turn out well.

That was my first encounter with a horse...

In the end, though... such extreme behavior is something I like to see. It says F-U to idea of control, training, and confinement... for self willed critters such as what is required for a horse to be a western riding champ. Even though it might have seemed to be, at the time... as if the horse was actively trying to kill me.... I was thinking ’good for you.. no one should put up with this crap.’...
I turned off that God awful music that was the half time show.  Sad state of affairs as to what music has become. 
I turned off that God awful music that was the half time show. Sad state of affairs as to what music has become.
That’s certainly understandable. I stayed with the show,
just hoping that it might eventually lead me to a pleasant surprise. But it didn’t.

There’s still lots of great music out there, @stereo5 . Obviously it’s not at the Superbowl, usually. But credit where credit is due: Whitney Houston’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner may never be bettered. That was 30 years ago, though.
Springsteen mighta said it better, though:

"You end up like a dog that's been beat too much,
Until you spend half your life just covering up"
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1/2 time :  It stunk, on ice. 
There was no music performed during the superbowl half time.  Hasn't been any in years.
The Weakened. I couldn't understand a word he sang, but I guess that doesn't matter anymore. Somebody said he's from Canada so maybe that explains it. :)
I thought the vibe, imagery and overall visual message of his halftime performance was quite dark and negative. Nothing positive about it at all. 
It was unwatchable. Happy for the outcome though. Took Brady and the points. Chumps 
Like Welk fans talking about Dylan, after electrification....
It sucked. Wasn't Keith Richards available?
The Stupor Bawl is the only FB game spouse & self 'watch' (i.e., put on while having a drink & finger food).
Feel asleep during the 2nd quarter, woke to find KC already doomed.
Worst investment in commercial content: Wane's Whirl'd Redux.
Laugh & pocket the $'s for 'that'....*eh*
Only ref call that counted: KC's QB getting his helmet between two Tampa could hear his brain slosh....poor kid.
Anyone betting the fav on that mop spectacle should have spent it on the fly-over at the start dropping pepper bombs and getting the pain over early.

The more $ spent, the worse they get.....Fortunately, only once a year.
Yuo're just so boring. Hundred and ten years all of you?

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tomic6017,466 posts02-08-2021 9:42pmLike Welk fans talking about Dylan, after electrification....

Pretty much right tomic601. That so many needed to comment negatively I would say hits a nerve :-).  Bet you many are so lost in old music they didn't even know who he was.

dill I find your repeated post obviously racist. Did you insist on correcting people and saying Gordon Sumner everytime someone said Sting?  Guessing no.

It was more like The Weakened 
I can honestly say I had no idea who the halftime show was, I had heard the name, but thought it was a, “don’t know, don’t care”. Quit watching halftime years ago. 
" dill I find your repeated post obviously racist."

Not racist, just accurate. I thought I'd correct you on that. Does that sting?
RE: the Weeknd, I had no idea what the songs or lyrics were at halftime but yesterday my 4 year old grandson asked Siri to play Weeknd, and my daughter really likes him. It's a generational thing - us oldsters just aren't tuned into todays music. I guess they don't need bands, just choreography and backing tracks. I'll take Lyle Lovett's Large band anyday. 
I dunno, the way the Weeknd sounds phonically reproduced as the weakened. Maybe it's just me, I thought he was pretty good. Now, not as good as GaGa was, but then again, really don't care for her much either.  AB
Wow, I feel sorry for the kids that lived in most of your households. I am in my 50's, but I could easily sing along to most songs by The Weeknd. There is a reason why he gets a billion+ views on Youtube.  Songs are uber catchy, have a great beat, and he has a half decent voice.  I was a very late baby at the time, my parents were almost 40 years older than I am, but we always had a big cross section of music playing in the house.   I know my kids would listen to the Weeknd, but they know Who, Stones, and Depeche mode too. Maybe this fuels that argument that audiophiles use music to listen to their equipment and not their equipment to listen to music.

And ya, dill, I am sure your motivations were innocent. Not.
My daughter was meh on The Weekend as well. She considers Michael Jackson’s appearance before her time back in early 90’s the one to beat.

I think I recognized some tunes I have heard before there underneath all the production and glitz but not enough of a Weekend expert to say for sure.

I’ll stick to the studio versions of most things over live Super Bowl performances over the years. Granted sound and acoustics are much improved in newer NFL stadiums. I was in the sweet spot for Paul McCartney at Fedex Field a few years back and that was actually veeery good.  But most Super Bowl halftime shows to me are just a big hot least on TV.
I’m on the side of thinking it was a flop of a halftime show, and I generally find them entertaining and dare I say fun.

My three kids think that The Weeknd is pretty lame.

But you know what, if you liked the show and the singer more power to you, everyone has their own tastes.  
" And ya, dill, I am sure your motivations were innocent. Not."

-Before I give you the reason I mentioned it twice, please tell me why you think my prior posts where "obviously racist"
Everybody's working for the Weeknd!
I don’t know what that music is called, as I only listened for the first minute before I turned it off.  If I had to guess, I would say Pop but who knows.  It is not we older people that have strange music taste, it’s the children of today.  Many of these phenomenons don’t play any instruments or write their own songs.   I never really cared for pop or as we called it in my youth, bubblegum music.  I am Rock guy, real Rock, jazz and some Classical.  I like certain female vocalists, but not Lady Ga Ga.  Today’s youth seem to care more about the choreography than the actual music.  Growing up, you never saw Hendrix, The Who, Tull, Floyd, etc with dancers behind them.   
Well, this old guy is going to take a nap now. 
Now, if you like to hear and watch something modern and really good. Find Avicii Tribute Concert on youtube. Large orchestra.
BTW, I’m 68. OP.

And, thank you, as always, tomic