The weakest link on ML39/390S type CD transport

Having for yet one more time cleaned the loading-tray guide rods of my Levinson ML39 converted to 390S (the sticky rods stopped opening the tray, when during power-outs the player gets cold).
These players get jolly warm (due to class A analogue output stage) quite normal during standby,and still worked when waem, but any of even the ’finest’ lube seems to get resinous after being warmed up for extended periods...

Upon opening the enclosure, half of a spidery looking piece of plastic fell out.
Turns out to be part of the CD centering ’thingy’, fitted over the transport motor’s drive shaft.
It is such a fagile looking piece of plastic stuff, once broken, renders the player a self-destructing CD wobbling device.
Has any one found a solution/a fix for this fault, rendering these otherwise most robust players essentially unusable?
Surely many such players must have had such issues?
M. 🇿🇦
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There are probably landfills full of them.  Perhaps you can get the part from someone’s broken one.  Look on flea bay. 
Try teflon oil.
After dealing with broken and slow drawer mechanisms I'm enjoying a top loader.
I attached a Herbie's Back Hole to the puck and it sounds great.
I have my dealer contact Harman to find out if they still have this spare part. 

That thing is smaller and lighter than a postage stamp.
Most probably costing a small fortune - if they still have it...
Somehow I do find this disturbing, building a 'bullet-prove' unit with such a fragile part at the most used mechanical interface! 

As for 'silicon-oil'... I'm very weary to follow this suggestion.
Why? The property of this stuff is marvelous - solong it will not 'creap' into any electronic components, where it creates nasty contact issues. 

I know, as I worked in cradle-relay assembly way back then, were this stuff was to be avoided like poison! 

Meanwhile I now put ½ a drop of SME supplied tt spindle oil on each guide rod - and using clear (Patex) contact glue to stick this broken plastic spider-washer together. 

Presently my fix seems to work.
For how long is written on another page. 

Thanks for your suggestions, 
M. 🇿🇦 
Correction, I mentioned silicon-oil, sorry, I'm ignorant of teflon-oil.
So I'll have to investigate this stuff. 
As for a top-loader, when you look up my system, you'll see there is too little place/space to use one. 
M. 🇿🇦