The wall behind me.


In my listning room wich is 420 cm * 380 cm.
I have a sofa on/against the wide side where my listning possition is.

On the opposit wide wall my sonus faber cremonas are placed.

Now the wall behind me is not covered by enything yet so its bare.

I have tried to hang a carpet there with audible improvments.

Now my qustina is when I look for acoustic panels for the wall behind me should I look for abersoberation og difussion panels or a mix of both ?

If I understand your post correctly, you are sitting on the sofa which is backed against (or very close to) the wall. In this situation I would prefer to deaden the wall. If you are sitting out into the room (classic triangulated set up, as in the Cardas system) either could work quite well. What ever looks best, as far as I'm concerned. FWIW YMMV.
I mounted a pair of 2'x4'x2" compressed fiberglas panels on the wall behind the couch in one of my systems and it made a huge improvement. See page 2 of this link:

Hi both

Yes my sofa is placed against the wall.

Kr4 you sofa are placed just as mine on the picture from sterophile.

Only the area is bigger in my room.

Newbee what do uou mean by this -I would prefer to deaden the wall- is this orbsobation you mean ?

(sorry for my limited english skills im a Dane)

I placed DIY (Do it yourself) panels behind me, I have same issue as you and it killed the "slap echo" I was getting from the wall behind me.
I used stryofoam for a mounting area, placed batting material used for stuff pillows and quilts, then wrapped it in a nice Cotton wrap to match the room, looks great.
I have to do things on a budget so this may not be the best but it did help quite a bit.
Tda2200 - Deadening equals absorbsion, much as described by Kr4. There are many materiels you can use to do this and a few have already been suggested. In one home I deadened a wall by putting up foam on the wall and simulated a large glass window covered with drapes to hide it. The only way the wife would approve of audiophile wall materiels. :-)
My experience suggests using a combo of absorption and diffusion. All absorption could makes things too dead and all diffusion could makes things too lively, you will have to experiment. I have used various combinations of echobusters, doublebusters and RPG Skylines.
Hi all

Thanks for the inputs

I have found somthing called troldfon from a dansih company called lhammerich that spicilizes in big time acoustic tratments for all kind of purposes.

The troldfon plats are both difussers and absorbsion and should work just as good or better then many expensiv alternativs.

But its pretty cheap i will buy plenty because i could use it sparly on other areas if needed and it looks very nice also.

thanks for the help guys

I would think that if your listening chair is really close to the rear wall then you would want to deaden it, absorb as much as possible to help reduce the increased bass response. However, in general, a combination of defraction and absorption is usually the ideal.

Hiya Kal.
The late great John Dunlavy who is widely credited with making some the most accurate loudspeakers, suggested just such an arrangement. Mr. Dunlavy also suggested to me that a 4 foot X 6 foot piece of 4 inch sound absorbing polyester foam covered in thick high quality wool, placed directly behind the listner would be most beneficial.
Thanks for alle the replays.

Evene with a carpet hanging there it get a much more relaxed and dimensonal sound.
Just like if the wall behind me where farther back.

When it get those troldfon panels in place i will let this treat know how it worked out.

Tda2200, is that TDA2200 as in Lyngdorf?
You for sure want an absorbent material, the better the performance the better your sound quality will be.

The one aspect that is not controllable with panels is bass, and the closer your head is to the back wall the deeper the bass will be. It is possible you will find you are too close to the back wall, and by moving away by a few centimeters the bass will tighten and have better definition.

Fine tuning the bass attributes is one of the great aspects of where your listening position is located. I believe you will find with some work this is a terrific spot.

The other issue I believe you will discover is affected (this time by panels behind you) is the spacial clues within the recording will be more evident. You should be able to have some control of the perceived studio space and the sound-stage.



My sofa is made in souch a way that my head is about 40 cm from the back wall so i ges its just perfect in regards to my room.

The floor is covered with a thick carpet and the big low sofa That pretty much covers the whole lower section of the wall works wonders with the bass.

The bass is not the big problem in my room because i have eq to controlled it (Tact millennium)

Hi don yes i had a tda2200 on with roomperfect and one without so i pretty much know have good my room can sound.

Im looking forvard to getting the panels up .

The panels im getting is also used in professinal studios and big classicmusic recording venues the really dont sell to privat persons but since i work with construction im abel to get them .

I will diffently post pictures off my setup and room on this forum when everything is in place .

It is my understanding that one should have some reflective surface on the back of room and absorbing/non-reflective on sides. Sound needs to reflect off back wall back towards ears. Just experiment with some panels(I like diy because I'm crafty and it saves money)that you can move around to different places/area surfaces.
The sound doesnt need to bounce off back wall if your seat is right there.

I have posted the same qustian on a danish hifi forum and the advices i get are so contradictiv.

Actually there are so many different oppinions on the subject that its useless asking.

What i do know is that when i have that carpet behind me hanging 1 cm from the wall(around 35 cm from my head) i get a more relaxed and more open sound emerging around me

Maybe the carpet is all i need?
The sound should not be bouncing off the back wall if your seat is there as the interference between the direct sound and the reflected sound will be severe in the midrange, depending on how close you are to the wall. While I do not recommend completely dead rear walls in general, in the specific case where you are within 2 feet of that wall, I do.
Sorry about the input/opinion. I had my mind on ht rather than music listening. Too much sound reflecting from rear wall would indeed not be good for dedicated music listening room. Experiment w/ panels, wall coverings, seating position. You will find a nice compromise w/ enough experimenting.
Thanks guys

I think i have enourgh info to start the experimentation for now.

Just for us folks not yet with the metric system, 12 inches is about 30.5 centimeters.

Yes, I did have to look it up.....
so about how much is .5 cm? LOL. A third of an in...? or "about" 3/8" +- 1/32?
ASC Tube Traps are the only thing that kills bass boom. Carpets, drapes and the like will just suck your room dry. Low frequencies are omni-directional. Mids and highs are not. Tube Traps convert bass energy into heat. But they aren't cheap. Go to Acoustic Sciences website.
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