The VPI Turntable pluuged into a PS Audio P300

Is it safe to plug a Lenmann Black Cube SE Phono preamp and VPI Scoutmaster turntable with the SDS motor controller into a PS Audio P300? I've heard that the P300 is not suitable for using with most turntable motors? Thanks
You may want to ask this question on the Ps Audio Forum within the McGowan will answer to your question.
I've had my Scout running off of a P300 for a year with no problems. The only thing you have to remember is that you must switch back to standard 60hz. waveform before turning on your turntable if you've been using multiwave for digital listening. In your case though, you want to plug your SDS controller into the P300. I'm not sure what, if any advantage, you'll gain from doing this. If the SDS stays powered up all the time, you'd want to consult with VPI and ask them if you would be harming the unit. You most likely would gain from powering the Lehmann from the P300. Every front end component that I run through mine evidences positve improvements.
I had the SDS unit when I owned a TNT turntable and also have a P300. I experimented with various wiring schemes and ended up plugging the SDS into the wall (dedicated 20 amp circuit), with my phonostage and other front end gear plugged into the PS300.

Before I got the SDS, I WAS using the turntable directly into the P300. Sounded good, but not as good as with the SDS in the system. And as noted, you have to set the P300 at 60 Hz (for 33 1/3 records) or 81 Hz (for 45s) and not mess with any of the multiwave settings when playing records.
Running the VPI motors into a PS300 is perfectly fine, but the frequency has to be set to 60 Hz. in order for the platter to spin at 33 and 1/3.

I presume the warnings you received relate to use of AC synchronous motors (like the VPI's) on a PS300 which is set to a Multiwave frequency or frequency other than 60 Hz. Such motors must be run with a 60 Hz. source or will spin at the wrong speed.