The Vinyl Community's Mazzy's new "Cease & Desist" YouTube video.

Norman Maslov (Mazzy) has developed quite a following amongst the Vinyl Community, with a subscriber base of over 5,000. And with good reason: He has a nice LP and CD music library, a good knowledge of the music the discs contain and the artists responsible, and is himself an interesting, entertaining fella. For a good time, check them out.

His newest video was made in honor of the current political situation in The U.S.A., and concerns the use of songs by a guy who will very soon be leaving his current residence (though he and many of his "slower" fans have yet to accept that fact). In the video, Mazzy cites a number of songs this individual and his minions have used at rallies, etc., songs for which the copywrite holders have issued to the individual Cease & Desist orders. They include the following:

- The Beatles: "Here Comes The Sun" (written by George Harrison). McCartney suggested an alternative: "Beware Of Darkness" (on a GH solo album). Funny, ay? ;-)

- Bruce Springsteen: "Born In The U.S.A.". Used by Ronald Reagan as well, who also didn’t "get" the lyrics.

- Creedence Clearwater Revival: "Fortunate Son". Ironic, hmm?

- Elton John: "Rocket Man".

- Prince: "Purple Rain".

- The Rolling Stones: "You Can’t Always Get What You Want".

- Tom Petty: "I Won’t Back Down". Yeah, we know.

- REM: "It’s The End Of The World As We Know It". Fortunately, not as much so as a second term would have meant.

- Phil Collins: "In The Air Tonight".

- The Village People: "Macho Man".

After that, Mazzy offers a selection of alternative songs, ones with titles more appropriate to said individual:

- The Beatles: "I’m A Loser".

- Neil Innes (The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, The Rutles): "How Sweet To Be An Idiot". Harsh ;-)

- The Knickerbockers: "Lies". A great song, by the way.

- The Smiths: "Big Mouth Strikes Again", "Unlovable", and "Half A Person". The latter being in this context generous.

- Dan Hicks: "How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away", "Cheaters Don’t Win".

- John Lennon: "How Do You Sleep At Night?" (Answer: On the big pile of money he swindled his "marks" out of), "Crippled Inside", and "Gimme Some Truth" (don’t hold your breathe).

- Bob Dylan: "Neighborhood Bully".

- The Kinks: "He’s Evil".

- And finally and most fittingly: Julie London: "Adios".

Feel free to offer your own nominations!

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Yes, some do indeed.  
I got the apolitical blues.... Little Feat.

I do wonder IF some listen to lyrics.........
good thread Eric, freedom of speech and easy ability to not read or reply...
Back to my question: What happens when one does get a CaD letter? I mean, how can the artist enforce it?

@simao, sending a Cease & Desist may to some degree just be a gesture, to insure everyone knows the artist does not share the politician's views. On the other hand, if the letter is ignored the artist and/or song copyright owner is entitled to sue for damages. I have never heard of that ever having been done, or any damages being awarded. It may be enough just to humiliate the pol. ;-)

But back to Mazzy: He has made a lot of videos (well over 100, perhaps even 200), all worth watching. He has introduced me to some older artists I missed, as well as new ones I have looked into because of his description of them. He's four years younger than I, but being born and raised in San Francisco and living there until 2014 (when he moved to Seattle. Uh Mazzy, watch out for any local nutjobs ;-), he and I (living in the San Jose area from '58 until '79) attended some of the same Fillmore, Winterland, Avalon Ballroom, etc. live shows he mentions in some of his videos. His No.1 Group is The Beatles, but was a little too young to have seen them in '64/5/6 as did I. Na-na-na-na-na, na. ;-)

Mazzy cares about sound quality, but doesn't consider himself an audiophile. Another Vinyl Community YouTube video poster who IS, however, is Michael in Germany, who uses the handle 45 RPM Audiophile. Michael's focus is on the sound quality of LP pressings, but also their musical content. He has a very nice system: Einstein from front to back. He buys vast numbers of LP's from all the reissue labels, including not just MoFi, Analogue Productions, Speakers Corner, Blue Note, Intervention, etc., but also The Electric Recording Company (!). The Acony (Gillian Welch and David Rawlings)-type labels as well, along with major label reissues such as the Neil Young catalog. He panned the Third Man Records LP's he bought (Jack White), which having heard White's production of Loretta Lynn I can understand. Michael is a very charming, likeable guy. Give his videos a shot!