The van den Hul colibri XPM vs colibri XPP

Which do you think is better, the colibri XPM (platinum coil, metal body) or the colibri XPP (platinum coil, PC body)? Any of your suggestions/opinions would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
The metal body version will raise the effective mass of the tonearm. So if you already have a mediun-to-high mass TA, you should probably go with the plastic version.

That said, the two bodies have different resonance/damping characteristics but I don't know what those differences are. Maybe someone else has that info.
I think that with the higher end Van den Hul carts he (A.J.) tunes the cartridge to your table. It might be worth the effort to email him for specific rcomendations. The Colibri got very good reviews in the British press.

Good luck!
The weight difference between the metal body and polycarbonate body is only 1 gram - 6 gr for the polycarbonate and 7 gr for the metal. So that really should not have much impact on your decision. They do sound different, though AJ is the best person to ask.
Dear Verdi: I agree with Bignerd100. Van denHul could give you what is the best Colibri match for your analog rig. Ask them.

Regards and enjoy the music.