The value of top end 1080p projection

Over past few years, I've paid anywhere from $5000 on near state of the art, fully automated 3 Chip Dila projectors, to $800 for budget Epson 3D 1080 models on clearance! That said, considering the fact that we are now likely inevitably all going down the "yearly cheapening 4K" unit price slide from the standard players in affordable home cinema projection game, I have to wonder what anyone thinks is TO MUCH to pay for a high quality 1080 projector these days??
Just as a sample size, simply do an EBay search for "Jvc projector", or Google search similar or on Amazon, and you might just be AMAZED at how much online etailers n private sellers alike are asking for their units!!,used, refurbished stock or otherwise! Some sellers are seriously still currently asking upwards of $9000+ for 3 generations old, NON WARRANTIED Jvc models!...$5999 4 gen old models!! ..even $3k+ for non 3D outdated refurb stock units!! Amazing!! Who would still pay this kind of money on an unwarrantied gamble???!
Anyhow, wondering if anyone else noticed the still unusually high price points still prevailent out there for 1080 technology, and would you still be willing to pay even exorbitant pricing on old tech, soon to be outdated pjs?! Cause at very least, I gotta figure anyone holding onto ANY 1080 pj, for which they either paid or are asking thousands for, are in for a serious price depreciation on them, surely?!!! It's gotta happen!
I currently have an otherwise excellent older RS25 I'd last purchased for a reasonable $900 deal, which suits my needs just fine, while I wait for 4k prices to plumit! Until then, I ain't payin thousands EVER again for 1080p, when I can have about as good as it gets in that resolution for much much less. Whataya think??

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I'm using a Sony VPL 50 I bought used at least 4 lamps ago for $1300. Earlier this year i replaced my 100" DYI screen with a used Stewart UltraMatte 150. That enabled me to reduce the brightness setting, and the apparent contrast really popped. The 1080p picture is beautiful. I thought I need a new projector, but it turned out all I needed was a new screen.