The value of external crossovers?

I have a pretty bare bones system. Linn Keilidh's, looking at Linn Majik w/phono, Rega Turntable, NAD CD. Bi-Wired with the Linn Cables.

The path I have always been on has been the Majik, then a second Linn Power amp, with the external Aktiv crossovers. So that is a fairly inexpensive upgrade path. $500-750 for a used Majik, another $400 for a used LK85, the Aktiv crossover (fits in the LK, I believe) and for another 1000 to 1500 I have a pretty strong system ready for the next upgrade to source (CD and new cart for the turntable) But as a new member today, it is obvious that there are abundant opinions here and less frequently, but often, some real knowledge. I am open to both...

I have a Keildih Aktiv system. The benefits of going Aktiv are huge. The presentation seems so effortless and the bass extension to 40 HZ is real. The biggest and most surprising result is how musical my lesser recordings sound. Previously, about 90% of my software went unplayed because whatever deficiency they had didn't measure up to my audiophile standards. Now, I enjoy that 90% and still hear the benefits of great recordings. There are also (8?) DIP switches on the Aktiv high frequency modules that allow one to accomodate for different listening rooms. The DIP switches make 1/2 db changes each. I don't know whether this is regarded as hifi or not but it's so musical that I wouldn't give up these benefits. FWIW, I'm analog based. I had a Linn Genki in with the mix and the improved results were the same with a digital source. Having only 40 or so CD's as compared to the several thousand LP's I own, I couldn't justify having the CDP and sold it this last spring. My advice? Go Aktiv.
Thanks Lugnut. That is confirming. I noticed a pair of LK 85's out there with the Aktiv's for a different speaker. Do you know if the Aktiv's are specific by speaker? How are you driving yours?
Yes, the Aktiv crossovers are speaker specific. The crossovers for the Keilidh's also are the same for Ninkas. By the way, you can do three amps Aktiv. That would be one amp for the highs. The other amps are for the mids/bass. So, not to confuse you on this as two amps is what I'm using. It's just that each cabinet has one tweeter and two mid/bass drivers. Adding a third amp with an Aktiv crossover takes it to the highest level of performance. Also, bear in mind that the crossovers are amp dependent. I'm using LK100's and the crossovers in my amps are not designed for certain other Linn amps. The crossover cards for our speakers are available for any amp Linn makes. You just need to be sure that the crossovers are for Keilidhs and whatever amp you put them in. Also, you will need the appropriate speaker wire which is (I think these are the right numbers) LK400 for two amps and LK600 for three amps. Also, on the speaker binding post area the link plates need to be configured for Aktiv use. I know it sounds confusing but it's no big deal. You can write to me through the Audiogon system and I'll be glad to give you my phone number if you would like to talk some more about this. I can dig out my crossover manuals and such and perhaps give you a better understanding of all this stuff. In any event, good luck and happy listening.