The value of a good FM tuner?......, now and in the future...

For most of my adult life, FM radio has been an introduction to new music and artists.  With some stations, in some towns I have lived in, the quality was good and the music was good....Jazz, Classical and more.

My question is, what is to be the near term future of FM.  Is streaming of audiophile quality?   Online stations through my computer is not for me, my computer is not audiophile quality sound.....can Magnum or anyone make a unit that can make "online" of audiophile quality.  Like a good lp or disk, the source is what all of the electronics have to work with., what it the future source for FM or the like?

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The value of a good FM tuner?......, now and in the future...

I don’t know when the USA is going DAB (or DAB+) (Digital Audio Broadcast) Radio, (Canada is testing they say), but when you hear it will be coming, do what I did below or you’ll have dinosaurs.

Soon as I heard DAB+ radio for the first time here in Australia, I sold all my what were collectable FM and AM tuners for good money before they became door stops.

Now a couple of years later I noticed no one can sell them even at much lower prices than I sold them for, and they are literally door stops or boat anchors now.

We even have DAB+ now on our latest cars radios, and it’s amazing, so many channels to choose from and the quality just as good if not better than what cars got from CD when they were in them, now they are being omitted slowly

Cheers George