The ultimate system? Cost no object

If you could pick, the best of amp, pre-amp, digital or analog, cables, speaker cables and speakers...combo that come's close to the real "thing".I listened, few years back in Vegas (CES)VAC, Spectral, Avalon, in Spectral room, at the "Golden Nugge" How anything, can be any better?
Thanks carl, just abruptly end the topic why don't you. I know I have not heard a wide variety of super expensive highend gear But What I heard was so amazing that I can't imagine anything being any better right now. 4 years ago I heard the MIT, spectral, avalon system and to this day I have not heard better. So thats my vote. Besides knowing what is possible and having a dream is what got me to become an audiophile and stay one. So don't stop now people. lets hear some more dream systems.
Nothing wrong with dreaming, never said there was. I love Science Fiction, for example. It's just more improtant to get the most out of what audio equipment you own, than dreaming about what some dream system might be like if you owned it. Rigidly pragmatic, maybe, but you'll be happier for it. You seem like a very angry guy, Kacz. Seek help.
How about this; Sonus Faber Amati,Goldmund mimesis 29.4amp,mimesis 22 pre,mimesis 20 D/A,mimesis 36 CD Transport,PH2 phono stage, Linn LP 12/Ekos/Lyra Parnassus D.C.t all cables courtesy Siltech make sure system is run singel ended no (XLR balanced crap) on Goldmund retail about $ 140,000.00 sure you can spend more but I seriously doubt that you'll have better sound than this system. ciao :-)
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