The Ultimate Office System?

I think I went off the deep end.

I’ve been upgrading some gear, and decided to overhaul my home office system as well. In the process, I also decided to try and address the analog/digital issue.

I just bought a Peachtree Decco, and an Olive Musica CD player/digital music server. Today (Saturday) I have been reconfiguring my system. Along with the above gear, I have a pair of Linn Kan speakers, a Nakamichi cassette deck, a Macbook Pro running iTunes, an external Gateway 24” LCD monitor, and way too many cables. The Olive is now connected to the Decco via a Van Den Hul optocoupler cable, the Nakamichi via cheap genereic RCA interconnects, and the MBP via an odd assortment of USB cables (a rat’s nest actually). Everything is connected to an old API Powerwedge III power outlet.

My long term plan is to take my entire CD collection and transfer it onto the Olive (and/or an additional external hard drive). Along with learning the ins & outs of digital music, I’d love to learn more about minimizing & eliminating EMI & RF interference. Also, the effects of power conditioning, cables (optical vs digital vs USB), and whatever else I can. The Decco cord seems pretty solid, but the cord on the Olive is little more than lamp cord quality (same for the Nakamichi - but it can't be replaced).

Anybody care to chime in on the great digital vs analog divide? Is it worthwhile to upgrade the power cord on the Olive? Perhaps a Furutech G-320Ag-18F8? What about audio quality USB cords?

Digital is more economical easier to work with as far as dollar to performance ratio. Analog will always be ahead as long as you have the $$$$$$$$$$ to buy the best stuff....but digital can be very nice for a descent price.