The two stages of audiophilia

1. Compulsively and fanatically build the best audio system you are able to and can afford.

2. Sit back, listen to MUSIC and enjoy your system.
Don’t forget the terminal stage, total deafness, but my system looks really great and it mine! This is akin to the garage queen stage of car collecting.
1 understand what makes sound better
2 buy equipment from a  manufacturer who builds components that can reproduce the music better
3 sit back and be wowed by the music reproduction of your system

Happy Listening.
Two stages?

1) spend as much as you can building the system of your dreams.

2) read about how to get great sound out of your system and room.

3) ...but completely ignore everything you’ve read about how important the room is.

4) thinking that all that money spent with shades of improvement means you just didn’t spend enough on equipment.

5) accidentally finding out how important the room is by moving into a much older house.

6) quietly knowing it’s all about the music but still running toward better sound.

7) acceptance: enjoying your system, your room, your now aging ears and your music collection for what they are: imperfect but pretty damn good and immensely enjoyable.
Reminds me of the old joke, “The four stages of a musician’s career”:

1. “Who’s rvpiano?”

2. “Get me rvpiano!”

3. “Get me someone who sounds like    rvpiano!”

4. “Who’s rvpiano?”