The TURNTABLE seen on "Tomb Raider"

Sure, Angeline is sweet to look at, but the real eye candy for me (yes, I am perverse) was that turntable playing Bach.
Does anybody know what it was? I'm guessing a Clearaudio.
Clearaudio master ref, souther arm
God that sounds like a real honey. Might have to go see the movie this weekend. Best review I've heard on this movie to date. I don't suppose they did a WIDE PAN SHOT to reveal the rest of her attributes. You know speakers and the like.
I saw a Rega on "Sex in the City" a couple weeks ago, and it was HOT! They showed the speakers for a second, but I didnt get a good look. They kept puttig hot women in the way! Come on, lets have the "money shot!!
I sort of expect Red Rose gear to get placement in Sex and the City (it's "and"), what with Mark Levinson being married to Kim Cattrall. (How did he do that?)
hey drubin--did you read that new york magazine cover article on sex and the city? i don't know, may 3-4 months ago. levinson was refered to as "the self described audio icon." surely striding that fine line between confidence/truth and arrogance/marketing...
Anyone remember what Mel Gibson had in his place in "What Women Want"? I recall a TT there, Levinson electronics, and Revel speakers.
Just saw that recently on video and I rewound a couple of times, but there was no way I could tell even what cartridge was on the arm due to Mel's hand. Maybe someone more knowledgeable could tell what type of arm by the handle alone?
I got another one: in "Indecent Proposal", Robert Redford's
character cues up an Eminent Technology 2 tonearm mounted
on what looks like a VPI TNT prior to asking Demi Moore's
character to dance. And yes, it was a Red Rose 3 speaker
in "Sex and the City" (the episode with the Jazzman).