The 'tube-transistor' enigma by MC carts?

By accident I got to know an guy from Swizerland who has
worked for years as technician (R&D,testing,manuf.etc) by
Benz. I made some joke about 'Zelle',the expresion he used
to refer to carts,by asking if the carts are made by
prisoners? ('zelle' is 'the box' in the prison) He appreciated my joke and explaned to me in 2 sentences
something I never thought about. There are 2 kinds of
'bobins': iron and the other kind. The 'classical example'
of 'iron' is the Ortofon SPU. The advantage: stronger signal and some kind of 'pleasing warm sound.the disadvantage:(more)distortion.
The 'ruby-cross' bobin has (much?) less distortion but can
sound 'thin' depending on the rest of 'the chain'.
This is obviously the so-called 'Holistic' approach ;
aka Rauls 'it depends...'. Me? Because I can't cope with
more then 2 variables at the same time I am for 'simplicity' approch. The best 'definition' of this
approch is from O.Wilde:'I have the simplest tastes. I am
alwys satisfid with the best'. So I am still seaching.
Raul will you please bring (more) light to this issue?


@bimasta, Your prose reads like a poem.  I was really

moved by your loyalty to FR-201.  I have similar feeling for


@nandric — A poem? From a mutli-leveled literary stylist like you, that’s high praise!
@analogluvr — One brief vignette how cool that meet was. I approached a table laden with goodies. I saw a clear plastic bag stuffed with, bursting with, cartridge-mounting nuts, bolts, washers, gold cartridge clips, 1000s of them, for $3. My hand was an inch away from it when my eye caught something less than a foot away — still-sealed new Shure V15 IV-MR for $40. "You're Next!" I thought as I turned back to the $3 bag – but someone was buying it. Too late! I reached for the Shure and someone was buying it too. Damn! "But I saw it first!" didn’t work there, I didn’t bother trying. Two great things lost in half a second. Never again! I moved to the next table ready to pounce...

Chakster, To create a "resistor" using copper wire is folly, don't you think?  Even fine copper wire has very low resistance per foot, because it is.... a great conductor.  You'd need miles of good copper wire to create a 47K ohm resistance, for example.  I suspect there is some other kind of wire used in there, like nichrome, which is popular for resistors because it is a bad conductor.  As to the lack of inductance, there are very fine non-inductive wirewound resistors, made by Mills and probably others. But even those are not totally without inductance; the wire is wound so as to minimize inductance, but I think there will always be a tiny amount of inductance in any wirewound resistor.
I looked it up for fun:  1000 feet of 30 gauge solid core copper wire has a resistance of about 100 ohms.  So you'd need ~470,000 feet of it to create a 47K ohm resistor.  I don't think that would fit into the ZYX chassis.
@lewm you are welcome to argue with ZYX, but first look the my picture of this device and its input resistors which looks like a coil, i hope you know how thin is a coil wire of ZYX MC cartridge? The technical advantages stated in the manual and this is when i got my information from.

It’s 0.035mm/Cryo (6N Crystallized Copper Wire).

They call it "ideal coil wire made for the first time in the world. it has been developed for ZYX by both a wire manufacturer and a processing company of cryogenic treatment in 2002. The wire consists of pure crystals of copper, and that are systematically aligned."

CPP-1 Technical Data:
Input Impedance: 125 ohm
Step up ratio: 26dB
Signal-to-Noise ratio: more than 95dB
THD: lower than 0.1% (1kHz)
Frequency Response: 1Hz - 1MkHz (+/- 1dB: 2Hz - 500kHz)
Channel Balance: lower than 0.01dB (1kHz)
Channel Separation: more than 100dB  (1kHz)
Battery: 9 pcs of KR-1100AAu (1.2V 1100mAh)
Power: 0.8W