The truth about high end speakers MUST READ

We audiophiles are a fussy discerning bunch who demand very specific requirements when it comes to what we hear.
The problem is that these requirements are seldom met no matter how much you spend on speakers. 

Forums like this indicate that audiophiles are trapped in a cycle of neverending upgrades and dissatisfaction no matter how much is spent.

We have been deceived into believing that a "one size fits all" speaker that has been designed by an "expert" who knows better than we do about our requirements, will be ok. This is obviously not the case since every audiophile has a different hearing response curve and different preference. 

If you choose a speaker that has a rising response with frequency, and you prefer a darker sound then its not going to matter whether it uses diamond or berylium, or mdf or aluminium cabinets, or a 4th order or 1st order crossover.

Its not going to matter if the designer has a phd in physics or decades of experience in speaker design because its YOUR hearing that needs to be satisfied not THEIRS.

We are being duped folks. The best you can expect out of all these high end speakers is substandard satisfaction for a few years before you get fed up and decide to UPGRADE!

In conclusion, the notion of a high end speaker is in fact a myth. No such thing exists. Buying a high end speaker is a complete gamble and most audiophiles end up losing not winning. The only winners are the speaker manufactures because as long as they continue to sell, they continue to profit. 

Its also impossible to compare all the different speakers out there in the comfort of our homes so the dealers obviously dont make it any easier for us audiophiles. Its pointless going to a store demo since thats not where youre going to be listening once you buy the speaker. We are getting a raw deal. 

Thankyou for reading. 

Kenjiit, check out Lirpa Labs.  They’re so dynamic that they couldn’t measure the speakers simply because they kept knocking down the test mics...  I’m pretty sure they’re completely and totally satisfying to everyone in the world.
Kenjit has a problem with speaker designers.  That's the only point here.  If you're looking for any further point or meaning here you're just wasting your precious time and energy.  As in other posts, Kenjit poses unsubstantiated and inaccurate statements that he weaves into flawed logic to try to justify his problem with speaker designers.  Case in point:

We have been deceived into believing that a "one size fits all" speaker that has been designed by an "expert" who knows better than we do about our requirements, will be ok.

Um, what?  I've never been told this by anyone.  Not a speaker manufacturer.  Not another fellow audiophile.  Hell, not even a salesperson. 

We are being duped folks. The best you can expect out of all these high end speakers is substandard satisfaction for a few years before you get fed up and decide to UPGRADE!

Holy crap, you're right!!!  Just like you said, I thought I've been happy with my speakers for the past 15 years when clearly my satisfaction has been substandard.  Eghads!  Ive been duped by "them" all these years and didn't even know it!!!  Man these guys are good.  Thank goodness someone wiser than me finally pointed out my dupedness.  

The fact is, you could substitute any audio component for "speakers" in the original post and it still works in the same warped and wrongheaded way, which then implies this entire hobby is basically a farce.  Either that or this post is a farce.  Only you can decide.  Hmmm...
this is probably the dumbest thread i've ever seen
@engineears Most problems audiophiles think they have dont exist or are not what they think. I've been to demos where the speakers were wired out of phase. Obviously some audiophiles dont deserve to be called audiophiles since their hearing ability is pretty substandard.

For the rest of us true audiophiles, we do deserve better than what is being offered to us commercially. 

speaker design is just a matter of opinion. Every speaker designer thinks their speaker is the best but theyre all wrong. Its a complete farce

Nothing will change unless the audiophile community comes to the realisation of this deception and starts to resist it. 

The one thing I noticed about this group is they never seem to be satisfied.

I began my search to find a system to find a system to be able to play both 2 channel and HT.  I also wanted to transform our museum (living room) into a music room and second HT with a really elegant setting.  Part of the musical experience is the ambiance.  Now add music and it is complete!

After receiving my 6 driver center channel and adding two REL S3’s, I think I picked the right system.  Now add the two rear surrounds and walla!

Lucky for me I have been singing choral music since 1970.  This is the real musical experience.  Being part of the music moves me far more than isolating myself in a room listening to what others created.

We all need to realize there is a point when anyone listening to what we have would be a dream for them.  Our goal should then be to concentrate on them so they too can experience music the way it was made to be listened to.