The transfomers of Mac MC240

Dear experts,

Do you know how the transformers placed on the MC240? Mr. Chang has told me the front (the nearest one to the knobs) is the left, the center is for power, and the last one is for the right channel, is it true? I don't mean I don't trust Chang, but my MC240 is a bit strange. I think the transformers for the left and for the right channel should be the same model with the same model #, is it logical? My 240 is like this, the front has the model # 207A, the center has the # 207B and the last one is 210. So, looks like the front and the center are for the left and for the right. Also, the last one is quite a bit warmer than the front two which is quite normal for a power transfomer. If the layout is this, will it because mine is the older version?

Thanks for your help.
The back transformer is the power supply transformer so you are correct: 210 should be hottest.
Thanks Aball. The numbers are wrong, they should be 210A and 210B and the 207. The 210s locate at the front two and the 207 is the back one. So 207 is the power transformer. By the way, what is your combination of the tubes on your 240?