The Tragically Hip

I read a review today of the first show of the Hip's  current Canadian tour. I was saddened to learn that the lead  singer, Gord Downie, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. So this will be their last tour. The Hip have 15 albums out and they are criminally under appreciated here in the States. They are a tight original rock and roll band along the lines of REM and James with great lyrics. If you like rock and roll, I can honestly say that there are good songs on each and every one of their albums, which is a rare treat these days. I regret never seeing them play live.
I only saw them once, in '94 ish, Mpls at First Avenue nightclub. Extraordinary powerful show. Sad news. 

Their last show tonight was epic.
Good report.
I just returned from a mini vacation in the Thousand Islands and they played their last show in Kingston, Ontario the other night. The news up there had extensive coverage of the show and it looked like it was spectacular. Even the Prime Minister of Canada was there. I could tell that this band is very special to the Canadians. I'll have to look into them. Thanks for sharing. 
Another one of "those" bands that I've let slip from rotation until recently as I was ripping my cd collection into my server.  I have three of their albums, purchased a long time ago at a now non-existent record store in lower Manhattan because they were playing them loudly. 

I saw on the news regarding the current state of affairs regarding his health and was totally taken aback by it. Listening now I find it difficult to fathom why they never got the U. S. acclaim they deserved, but then, judging by the accolades and tributes I've been reading they've never missed it. 

Cheers to a great frontman and a truly great band.