The Totem Wind Loudspeakers

Have you heard these? What do you think? What amp (size) did you hear them with? I've seen them on the Totem website.
I love the way they look. Beautiful! I'm also interested in the Forests and haven't heard them either. What do you think of these?
Thank you very much
I own Totem Forest and aim to upgrade for Winds. They're both pretty-much designed to perform in small to mid-size rooms. There is no 2-way system that can spit such a great bass as Totem Forest.

I've auditoned Winds with BAT VK60 monos in the demo room and realy want to get them to upgrade from Forest.
Marakanetz- correction- Mani-2's will outdo bass on Forests, and are also a two-way- except don't consider them unless you are going to throw a lot of juice in front of them...
I own Totem Hawks and Winds (different rooms). The Wind clearly has more bass - though the Forest is a beautiful sounding speaker. Though the Winds do have more bass (and I think nicely balanced), you're not going to get your socks blown off like you would with a large-woffer speaker (Ariel 10Ts come to mind - which I passed on to own the Winds). The three-way is a different sound. Faster, cleaner, better imaging.

They love current. I use a Plinius SA-102